Promotion thing to refuse. The expenditure amount

Promotion Matsunichi will take a positive activity to enlarge their image and recall opportunity, so I ain¡¦t to find other thing to refuse. The expenditure amount almost $10500K 15% of their revenue every years, willing to adjust by need. What is the promotion mix we found in Matsunichi ?We found many promotion tools they used, Sponsor something are most frequency in media industry, which include TV , Advertisement, bill broad, radio. Some time they also will do something like interactive program for increase thecustomers awareness, their marketing department will do lucky draw and gifts after question games to maintain their brand. Every promotion tools they has their own effect and result, it was relatively the promotion program to be success or fail.Radio can help us to exposure the message to wide range of customers, moreover, magazine or newspaper advertisement can provide more information in text format. Gain high power if efficient to allocation the job to each promotion tools.

They hired artist to be their opinion leader, just like singing team in Hong Kong such as Twins, Boys. They will show off matsunichi product in public area and talk this product to others. Reversely, matsunichi always support the function and program that relatively their opinion leader such as mini music concert. They will do sponsor if they can, because they can suggest the program committee invite their opinion leader to support the program. It is a tactics in promotion.Sale promotion:Bundle with i-cable internet service provider buy mp3 get edition CD of their opinion leader. This is one of promotion they used before. Matsunichi fully supports TVB Prime Time dramas All of you should have heard about "Matsunichi MP3 Players" during TVB prime time.

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Since November 2002, Matsunichi MP3 Players have been providing title sponsorship for TVB prime time dramas, including The Monkey King Quest for the Sutra, Whatever It Takes, Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, and Perish in Name of Love. The high ratings of "Matsunichi MP3 Player Drama Series", together with fitting advertising programs, have made "Matsunichi MP3 Players" one of the most well-known brands in Hong Kong and Guangdong area. Matsunichi will sponsor the new drama ¡§ AR MONG NEW CHARTER¡¨ from OCTERBER onwards. Matsunichi webpage has established a hyperlink to that of Once you enter the TVB webpage, you will see a Matsunichi

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