MATERIALS 250 times greater than that of glass

MATERIALSFor bodyClear PolycarbonatePolycarbonate has in recent years become an immensely popular choice for skylights, sign faces, covered walkways, and other instances where transparency is desired. There’s good reason for that; after all, polycarbonate possesses impact resistance 250 times greater than that of glass while also exhibiting exceptional temperature resistance and tensile strength. What’s more, polycarbonate sheeting is warrantied against yellowing, hazing, breakage and any other defect that might lower its light transmitting capabilities. Polycarbonates are unique in its working temperatures and ability to experience minimal degradation between heating and cooling points.

Polycarbonate features a high working temperature of 266 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling temperatures at -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply put, its hard to find a better material out there for consistent clarity and durability in even the harshest of environments.BrickInterior walls made of bricks help adjust the bus stop’s temperature, as they store heat and cool air. In winter, the walls offer warmth, while on a hot summer day they have a cooling effect.

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This creates a pleasant indoor climate, which means healthy houses. An interior wall made of bricks does not deteriorate as quickly as other materials. It has a higher durability and reduces the risk of cracks. For roofTinted PolycarbonateFor sheeting better suited for public environments, tinted polycarbonate sheets may be more relevant. Each of these models have different in colour which are bronze, light grey and dark grey that allowing to maintain true to its aesthetic. These tinted sheets can reflect up to 70% of solar energy, which can reduce incoming radiation and help keep areas protected by polycarbonate sheet cool on even the hottest days.

For entire bus stopSteel This bus stop are built of high-quality aluminum or steel and they are designed to last for decades and withstand the effects of inclement weather. Each of our aluminum shelters is engineered to take into consideration the snow and wind roads of the specific area they are going to. This ensures durability of the product.Concrete raftRaft foundations are a large concrete slab which can support a number of columns and walls which are suitable for this bus stop. The slab is spread out under the entire building or at least a large part of it which lowers the contact pressure compared to the traditionally used strip or trench footings.

REQUIREMENT AT BUS STOPSeating- provided at a bus stop should be made from durable, climate-appropriate materials.Shelter and shade- Protection from the summer sun is a high priority in designing transit furniture and its associated landscaping. Bus stop that provide weather protection and benches work best in conjunction with landscaping or vertical panels for shade. East- and westfacing shelters benefit when seating can be located on both sides of a shade element.

The shelter provides overhead protection from weather conditions.Lighting- Good lighting can enhance a waiting passenger’s sense of comfort and security; poor lighting may encourage unintended use of the facility by non-bus patrons, especially after hours.Bicycle accommodation- Bicycle storage facilities, such as bike racks, may be provided at bus stops for the convenience of bicyclists using transit.

Designated storage facilities encourage bicycle riders from locking bikes to bus stop.Call boxes- Call boxes link the transit user to emergency personnel and increase the user’s sense of safety at an isolated stop.Trash receptable- Trash receptacles can improve the appearance of a bus stop by providing a place to dispose of trash. Low user volumes may not justify the inclusion of this amenity at a bus stop; however, an ongoing litter problem at a bus stop may warrant the provision of a trash receptacle at an otherwise low-volume location.ConclusionThere is a few improvement of this new bus stop:1.

the height of the roof was raised2. roof can reflect up to 70% solar energy and make surrounding cool.3.

this bus stops are guaranteed to be safe.4. purchase infrastructure that follows an agreed design standard and looks luxury.

Better bus stops will contribute to passenger satisfaction and lead to the increase in passenger numbers that is essential for future sustainability.Many factors need to be included to estimate passenger satisfaction. The proposed bus stop contains an instrument panel that uses electricity. Therefore, maintenance enhancements will be due to the device that use the electricity.

Also, wires and cables entering the instrument panel will require protector to protect against vandalism and large loops to avoid fatigue failure. The support instrument panel must be strong enough for adequate durability so that they can withstand the vibrational levels found on the usual transit bus routes. During the bus stop design guideline document, attention has been paid to these issues. The production of this project can be divided into five parts: fabrication, assembly, installation, initial inventory, and equipment. REFERENCESEssays, UK.

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