Masuda, in ebb and flow: Management and

 Masuda, M., & Duck, S.

W. (2002). Issues in ebb andflow: Management and maintenance of      relationshipsas a skilled activity. In J. S.

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Harvey & A. Wenzel (Eds.), Maintaining and enhancing close relationships (pp. 13–41).

Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.Canary, D. J., & Stafford, L. (1994). Maintainingrelationships through strategic and routine         interaction.

In D. J. Canary & L.

Stafford (Eds.), Communicationand relational           maintenance (pp.3–22). San Diego, CA: Academic PressREFERENCES             There aremany factors to romantic relationships and the ways that they are maintainedsuch as genuinely liking and respecting each other, doing things to make eachother happy and enjoying and valuing time together to name a few.

To someextent couples actively work together to create a lasting relationship. Whatare some of the maintenance types that are used to keep relationships active? Definitionsof relationship maintenance typically contain one or more of four foci: keepinga relationship characterized with desired relationship features, keeping arelationship in a particular state, keeping a relationship in existence, and/orrepairing a wounded relationship (Canary & Stafford, 1994). Consistent withthe first focus, Stafford and Canary (1994) define maintenance behaviors as “actionsand activates used to sustain desired relational definitions”, noting that suchactions and activities referenced behaviors that could be both interactive andnon-interactive (Canary & Stafford, 1994, p.

5). In short, maintenancebehaviors’ primary function is to sustain partners’ desired relationalfeatures, such as satisfaction, commitment, liking, and love.LITERATURE REVIEWMaintenance behaviors play animportant role in sustaining relational states, especially within committedromantic relationships.

For this project, I wanted to determine ways topotentially carry out research regarding interpersonal relationships. To do so,I researched articles that discuss social style strategies for managinginterpersonal relationships. Maintenance of relationships is a subject thatcontains fascinating studies regarding several facets interpersonalcommunication and is applicable to a wide variety of relationships. Examples ofrelationships that are observed in my research include martial relationshipsand romantic relationships with a focus on love styles. My specific topic I amlooking to explore is: the impact of maintenance styles on romanticrelationships. One of the research question for consideration is: Whichmaintenance behaviors are most effective in romantic relationships? Coming tothe conclusion of writing on romantic relationships came from INTRODUCITON


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