Essay title: Massive Carmen’s mom is constantly

Essay title: Massive

Carmen’s mom is constantly worrying about her weight.

She always contemplates whether or not to eat food.As a result, Maria would also nag on Carmen to quit eating all the time and she would tell her how much prettier she would be if she were thin.Carmen never listened and would always sneak cheeseburgers and candy bars.This mainly happened with her step-dad, who was always on Carmen’s side.Soon Maria decided that she wanted to up and leave her husband and move to some apartments about three hours away.In this move, she planned on taking Carmen along with her.

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This move made life a lot more difficult.She was pretty much banned from all sources of food now and had no choice but to follow what her mom did.Carmen started at a new school and got into a group of friends that were considered the “popular” group.She and three other girls thought they were the coolest kids on the block and entertained themselves by making fun of others.They were friends until an incident that had happened at a party.Because of one boy, three girls completely despised Carmen.Her mom had family in this part of town that Carmen always visited.

Aunt Lisa was probably the most inspirational person to Carmen.This was a big problem because Lisa and Carmen’s mom hated each other and never got along.Having Lisa by her side, though, helped Carmen a lot; especially when it came to dealing with life. The most interesting part about this book was how the author put it.She almost told the story as if she were in Carmen’s position herself and had suffered with anorexia.It made the book a lot more detailed and eventful, which kept me wanting to read more and never put the.

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