Mass of innocent victims being led to death.

Mass hysteria can devastate anentire community so quickly people wont even know what hit them, this isdisplayed a lot throughout The Crucible. Mass hysteria is a socialoccurrence that equates imaginary fear and anxiety that can spreaduncontrollably throughout a population or community. Human nature is a wordthat describes the way people react to inner struggles or to events in their lifethat impact them mentally, which this tendency is something every human has incommon. Throughout the play a drama “The Crucible” by Arthur Millerrelating to witchcraft hysteria will spread through the community of Salem andwill cause numerous results of innocent victims being led to death.

In, TheCrucible several of the characters are constantly fighting with each other andwith the community itself. Many of the people who live in Salem spreadoutrageous lies and rumors that are targeting against those who are innocent ofbeing “under the influence” of the Devil, which is being caused bymany natural tendencies. Hysteria was a major factor of many accusations of thewitchcraft that had occurred throughout The Crucible.

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Throughout theplay, the girls accuse many people of being a witch, which had caused hysteriacome in play. The Crucible was a historical play write that was based off theSalem witch trials in a small Puritan village in Massachusetts in 1692.Witchery was highly against what people who lived in Salem were supposed to do.So, throughout the play accusations grew quicker and quicker on those who wouldpractice witchcraft, which could leave them to a very harmful outcome.Mostimportantly, hysteria was seen in act 3, when the girls were led by Abigail,who accuse Mary Warren of being a witch to prevent her from testifying againstthe girls in court. Hysteria can be caused by anxiety disorders, and althoughthey aren’t normally thought of as real hysteria, but it absolutely causes arise in emotion causing you a significant amount of agony, awkwardness andfear.

Although many people have comeforward to say the witchcraft accusations are false, the court refuses to actdifferent. One of the girls would pretend to see a spirit, get cold, or otherways witchcraft could affect them. She would cry out fear and the other girls,after seeing her do that, caught onto the emotion like a disease had justaffected them. Therefore, hysteria is caused by anxiety and fear this is seenin the crucible for example, when the girls catch onto Abigail’s emotion like arapid spreading disease and then start to act just like the emotion that she isputting out. Relating to psychology”hysteria was denied as a range of physical symptoms caused by no knownphysical issues.

.. there was still the belief that the condition wasexperienced only in women.” Throughout the Crucible, many of the issues ofwitchcraft all started with the group of girls dancing and chanting in thewoods. After this, the girls started lying and causing there to be many deathsof those who were innocent the whole time.

In addition, much of the hysteria ofthe play was caused by the women. “Nurse though our hearts break,we cannot flinch; these are new times, sir. There is a misty plot afoot sosubtle we should be criminal to cling to old respects and ancient friendships.I have seen too many frightful proofs in the court-the Devil is alive in Salemand we dare not quail wherever the accusing finger points!”(Miller 1131)Hale exemplifies perfectly the emotion of the characters that were affected bythe hysteria and fear. For Hale, it’s more of hysteria than fear, Hale doesn’thave fear that he will be accused of being a witch, but he has seen the”frightful proofs” and that has deprived his sight to any possibleother reasons of the witchcraft accusations that are being made.

Also, ” I never had no wifethat be so taken with books, and I thought to find the cause of it, d’y’see,but it were no witch I blamed her for. He is openly weeping. I have brokecharity with the woman, I have broke charity with her.

He covers his faceashamed.”(Miller 1138) This quote represents how Giles Corey one of themost level-headed characters in the play ended up getting caught in thehysteria of the Salem witch trials and he got his wife accused of being awitch. Someone could make an argument that Giles Corey did not mean to accusehis wife of witchcraft and that Giles just wanted to make sure his wife’sstrange behavior was not because of witchcraft, so he asked the witchcraftexpert. Therefore, this quote shows that even those who are not taken in by thehysteria claims or fear can still be affected by it. Relating to my life, hysteria wasreferenced when everyone had the “fear” that the Ebola disease willdestroy man-kind.

Ebola was and still is a very dangerous and life-threateningdisease. In addition to that, the emotion and fear of this disease transportedlike a rapid fire that could not be destroyed. Not to mention, hysteria mightnot be a very good thing either because that’s what could cause rumors ofthings that are not even true. As well as, Ebola has not reached the unitedstates and people were losing control of their fear that Ebola could threatentheir life.

In conclusion, Hysteria can becaused by anxiety disorders, and although they aren’t normally thought of asreal hysteria, but it absolutely causes a rise in emotion causing you asignificant amount of agony, awkwardness and fear. Therefore, the playaccusations grew quicker and quicker on those who would practice witchcraft,which could leave them to a very harmful outcome. Human nature describes theway people react to their inner struggles or to events in their life thatimpact them mentally, which this tendency is something every human has in common.

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