The beginning of act two continues to show the massive effect of hysteria spreading throughout the town.

When Mary Warren returns to the Proctor farm from the court, John Proctor is angry at her for disobeying him. When he had forbidden her from going to town. He questioned whether it was true or not that fourteen people had been accused of witchcraft. Mary replied that it is and it was up to thirty-nine now. John Proctor asks “Mary, is it true? There be fourteen women arrested?'' To which Mary Warren replied “No sir, there be thirty-nine now—'' then Elizabeth Proctor adds “Why, she’s weepin’! What ails you, child?'' Mary Warren’s responded with “Goody Osburn— will hang!'' John proctor astonished said “Hang! Hang, Y’say?'' Elizabeth said “Aye'' Jon Proctor asks '' The deputy governor will permit it?'' “He sentenced her. He must.

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But not Sarah good. For Sarah good confessed, Y’see'' replied Mary. John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Mary Warren continue to talk about Sarah good with how she tried to send her spirit out to kill Mary Warren many times.

John and Elizabeth are both astonished by this information. Mary Warren is aware that there was no witchcraft being used in the woods. Yet, she continues to carry in with this hysteria.

Just like all of the other Salem members.Act three opens work Giles Corey telling the court that he has evidence against the Putnams showing they are using those witch trials to get more land from the neighbors. When someone.

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