Marvin employees. The organization has to monitor

Marvin Del Mundo
ITM 102
September 23, 2018

Case study 2 Social business: Full Speed Ahead or Proceed with Caution?

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1.Identify the people, organization, and technology factors responsible for slow adoption rates of internal corporate social networks.
There are multiple factors as to why businesses undergo difficulty incorporating social networks into the work environment. One of these factors are people. Employees often like to stick to traditional work styles and styles in which they are familiar and comfortable with rather than learning how to use new resources such as the social network in their work methods. This conflict can result in a more costly and slower performance in their jobs. Another factor that influences a slow adoption rate of social networks in a company is the organization itself. Some companies focus to much on the technology needed before they analyze and understand how social networks can elevate the performance levels and collaboration between employees. The organization has to monitor the use of social software and encourage workers to collaborate through it rather than criticize. Choosing the best social platform that best relates to a businesses purposes decides whether the intake on the networking is slow or effective. Lastly, technology plays a big role in the success of adjusting to new working styles. The new software that is being introduced must be simple and or familiar to the workers. Anything too complicated can cause employees to feel overwhelmed and resist the technology. For example, NASA’s spacebook was denied and unsuccessful due to its complexity and uncertainty of its daily use to the job.

2.Why have most of the companies described in this case been successful in implementing internal social networks? Explain your answer
Most of the companies such as Bayer Material Science and Carlo’s Bake Shop have found success in implementing internal social networks because they have social platforms in which relates to their business purposes. Both companies also have systems in place to help their employees learn and adapt to their new social tools introduced by the organization so that the rates of success would go up sufficiently. Bayer Material Sciences launched pilot projects to evaluate the performances of the technology beforehand, as well as a mentoring program to teach workers the use of the new collaborative software. On the other hand, Carlo’s Bake shop adapted their traditional working style towards using the social networking tool Chatter, which is a communication based network that helps elevate the organization’s productivity. Both companies have been successful in using internal social network since they first understood how and what technologies would elevate their work efficiency and after implemented collaborative systems in which assisted workers to using the new social softwares.

3.Should all companies implement internal enterprise social networks? Why or why not?
Implementing internal social networks is a great method to elevate a company, especially in today’s world of business with the major advancements in technology. If used properly, I think that social softwares can impact an organization positively, since they allow the company to explore new ways to collaborate internally, create a culture of sharing, work more efficiently, cut costs, and etc. On the other hand, if social networks don’t follow the company’s purposes or is implemented and used incorrectly it can result in negative effects such as; slow down operations, employees becoming critical, wasting time and resources, and more. Social networks provide businesses a door to higher opportunities and success, however, these businesses must manage and set systems to properly implement these networks into the work space based on the company’s purposes.


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