Marriage in the Philippines is a practice that most of the Filipino people valued much and as a Christian country the culture continues as the time goes by even through the age of hi-tech

Marriage in the Philippines is a practice that most of the Filipino people valued much and as a Christian country the culture continues as the time goes by even through the age of hi-tech. The issue on divorce already exist long time ago in the Philippines because of the abuses and some other aspects of reasons of having a divorce. Legalizing a break up on the bond of the wed couples is somehow useful to others but it may result into more damage on the people surrounding them. The House of Representatives Committee proposes a bill to deliberate on the divorce in the Philippines for the first time that makes noise in the society, in fact, we are the only country who doesn’t have divorce, for the reason that Filipino people is very religious.
The divorce or the dissolution of marriage is badly needed to the couple who suffer from the detachment of feelings and actions. We all know how devastating it would be to both sides especially to the children, but the divorce statistics in the Philippines are one of the most debated issue a long time ago, to some who’d benefit from it especially to those who are abused physically they must reconcile to how they can still work things out but there are some consequences that it may result into deep effects. There are many variables converging a marriage whether to make a divorce or less likely than that. Christianity in our country is one of the said variables who hold the bill to progress slowly. In some other way, it is really useful in our country, the approval of a substitute bill on divorce may be beneficial to some might in needing it badly, but it raises some ethical concerns on our culture and causes more damage than benefits. They should always consider counseling and resolve the facts that whether they will approve the bill there should always some consideration on the couples’ marriage.
People of our country should consider that marriage is a sacred way of togetherness or bond through Gods’ blessing. The biggest factor as to why the people should not accept divorce is because of faith and religion. Roughly 83 percent of Filipinos are Roman Catholics (de Leon, 2014). According to the article I have read if the bill on divorce will be approved without retouching some few resolutions it may destroy the faith of the Filipino people because in our country the church’s opinion matters a lot to the people, and the church firmly says no. Firstly, marriage is one of the Seven Sacraments that all Catholics celebrate and hold dear. Marriage, according to American Catholic, is a public sign that one gives oneself totally to another person. It is especially sacred to Catholics because having a church wedding means a person is not only making a promise to their future spouse but also to God. An interview with Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the president of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines revealed the church’s opinion on the issue, saying that divorce makes a mockery of marriage. If divorce is allowed, the sanctity of marriage will be lost. It won’t seem like such an important decision to some because one can always “undo” and “redo marriage”. The concept of marriage has been around for thousands of years, we can find it on the bible, divorce and remarriage is treated as one of the unpardonable sin to God. We all knew that we can’t argue more on how sacred the marriage is, if we do think that it is being pragmatic to do so such thing, then it is more likely immorally playing with the rest of your existence. For example if you were having an intimate connection with someone then suddenly you will change your mind and interact with somebody else, what do you think will be the consequences of the thing you did? Is it pleasant to think? If you believe it is then be it, but you are making God unloved you for the sin you have made. The sacredness of marriage should always be maintained in the Philippines as a Christian dominated country. We really don’t need to have divorce same as the other countries because the causes of the divorce can change the era of marriage here in our country.
If the couples will have the choice of having an easy way out of the their bond, the result on their children will cause problems or it will have an adverse consequences like the child will be more become stressful, pain, and sometimes may result into suicide because losing a parent in the household that the child always have been woke up with will affect negatively. It will also cause some problem on how they grow up and how they handle their feelings in downfall and also on how they cope up with some other people. It has many effects on the children of a broken family. The difference of having a complete family and having a broken one is very huge. As a Filipino trained in the Christian faith, we should never allow divorce to destroy our family.
The second reason why the bill on divorce should not be approve is because the couples’ dignity will be sacrificed as well.


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