Marketing Channels Email Marketing: A marketing strategy

Marketing ChannelsEmail Marketing: A marketing strategy that is used by commercial organizations to reach current and potential customers by sending messages or advertisements electronically to those interested in their business area of expertise. It is also an excellent way to measure the effectiveness of your emails and techniques by tracking the number of hits your website receive after mass mailing. Social Media Marketing (FB, Twitter):                Social Media Marketing is form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, in order to drive audience engagement and achieve your banding and marketing goals. The content being shared is tailored to the context of individual platform.

It is a very powerful way to reach customers and prospect. YouTube Ads:                YouTube advertising platform is one of the most popular platforms if video advertising is in your marketing mix. It is a way to build and reinforce brand awareness by gaining the attention of and educating prospects and those unfamiliar with your brand. Advertisers can reach viewers based on their google search history in addition to their viewing behavior. This allows marketers to target video ads to people who search for a product or service and are more likely to view the entire ad and click through the ad to the website.

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 Website Ads:                Website Ads also known as banners are the best-known form of advertising since these form of advertisements were the first to appear on the internet. Banners are image-based ads that often appear alongside a website page or on the top and bottom of a website typically a news website, a blog or specialized web communities. You can buy the ad-space in the same manner you’ll buy an ad in the newspaper. Mobile Media/App Ads:                Mobile advertising is a form of advertising that is served through a mobile phone or other mobile devices like a smart phone or a tablet that have wireless connection. Advertisers buy advertising spot from the mobile app developers via a network to reach their targeted demographics.

    Instagram Stories:                 Instagram stories are 24 hour self-destructing photos or video streams that appear on the top of a user’s Instagram feed. Instagram stories Ads allows businesses to insert a short 15 second full-screen advertisement in between user’s stories. It gives businesses a chance to hold a viewer’s complete focus, even if just for moments. It can be used to target various business objectives – from brand awareness to website sales.

  Geo-Targeted Ads:                Geo-Targeted Ads enables a business to create customized and targeted marketing campaigns using geography, i.e.; delivering content to a customer via mobile or web using geographic location information about that individual. Mobile-devices have recently surpassed PC use in search of local businesses and services.

This dynamic moving customer base is only going to be more receptive to search results and ads that are specific to their location.  Mobile Applications:                Mobile applications are software applications that are designed specifically to run on mobile devices or tablet computer. They serve the similar purpose of providing information and services to users that are accessible via a PC. Each app provides an isolated functionality such as a web browser, game, calculator, etc.

3D Modelling/Printing:                3D Modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of any surface or object. It can be achieved through specialized production software. This 3D digital design file can then be used as a blueprint for 3D printing, which is a manufacturing process that is used to create physical objects. 3D Printers can range from desktop printers that use melted plastic to industrial machines that use a laser to melt metal. Cloud Data Storage & Computation:                Cloud computing in simple terms is how organizations can take some or all of their existing IT infrastructure and operations and hand it over to someone else to build or manage, so the internal core team can focus on new ways to help the business at hand, rather than becoming experts in building servers, managing storage, or protecting data. The main implication is that business will have access to many more IT and computing resources that otherwise would cost more for the expertise and services.

Visualizations & Reporting on Cloud:                Data visualization can be viewed as a concept of using pictures, graphs and charts to understand data and interpreting it to introduce useful insights and to take hold of opportunities that your data present. While data AI Chatbots/ Virtual Realtors: Predictive Analytics/ML & AI:       


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