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-marketing campaign for folding bicycles 1. RESEARCH MARKET Primary+secondary data about: competitors, market size share and structure, target market, trends, external influences2. RESEARCH CAMPAIGN Research about: costs, timescales, media used, message communicated, marketing mix, appropriateness of the campaign——————————————–MARKET:Competitors: Giant Bicycle Dahon A-bike GOGOBIKE Montague Bike Brompton Bicycle Helix Bike Friday Birdy Bike Phoenix Bike FOREVER BicycleIn the UK, Brompton is the biggest manufacturer in this market, producing more than 50,000 bikes a year.Target market:Folding bikes are in the urban transport industry, which means they are primarily targeted at people living in urban cities.

This is why they must be foldable and compact – space for storage can become an issue in small apartments. They are also useful for people who travel by train or bus, as the bike can easily be folded and taken aboard. Trends:Key trends in the folding bike market are:Lightness of the bike (bikes that are light are easier to carry, therefore more desirable)Portability of the bike (how small it is when folded – the smaller, the better as it makes it easier to transport and store)Other trends include design and customizability External influences:Some external influences are:Social: there is more of a social responsibility in terms of taking care of the environment. This is making more people switch from cars or motorbikes to bicycles, as they are better for the environment. The folding bike market of course benefits from this.Environmental: a limitation is that in some areas of the world, there are not as many bike paths, putting people off buying a bicycle. Technological: electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, and therefore the folding bike market is now starting to introduce folding electric bikes.Market size, share and structure:In 2012, the market share of folding bikes was 0.

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4%.In 2016, the market share of folding bikes was estimated 4%. (UK)In 2016, the sales of bikes in the UK was 3,050,000  By this I can estimate the sale of folding bikes was 4% of 3,050,000 which is 122,000(http://www.conebi.eu/facts-and-figures/)Market research (primary data):14 responses50% aged 16-2021.4% aged 21-3014.

3% aged 31-4014.3% aged 50+57.1% ride bike42.9% don’t ride bikeOnly 28.6% own a folding bike or are interested in buying one.—————————————————–CAMPAIGN RESEARCH: BROMPTON—————————————————–Media used:Brompton doesn’t advertise traditionally such as through TV adverts. Instead, they prefer to rely on word of mouth to spread the message about their brand.

This strategy is considered risky by many people in the marketing industry.They use social media to spread the message about their brand. They also use social media to engage with their customer base, using things like competitions and events across different networks in order to promote their brand.They have an active following across three major social media networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A big part of social media marketing is publishing different content over the different channels. This is something that Brompton is good at doing. They use Twitter for fast updates and interaction with their customers. This is perfect for twitter as it has a short format (140 char limit)They use Instagram for content such as photographs of their merchandise and bikes.

They also run competitions on instagram.They use Facebook for more detailed text posts with photos and links to promote their projects and media coverage. Facebook’s commenting system does not have a short character limit like Twitter, which allows for longer conversation on their posts, and Brompton often joins in on these conversations.

Marketing mix:Product: Brompton offers folding bikes. Each Brompton bike is handmade and customers can customize their bike when ordering it. Price: Brompton offers bikes at a varying range of prices, starting at around £800. Place: Brompton has over 1,450 official dealers around the world selling their bikes. On top of this, they have 12 official Brompton run stores, called “Brompton Junctions”.

Promotion: Brompton encourages lots of interaction with their online following, resulting in lots of user-generated content. They use instagram for UGC (user-generated content) competitions. For example, one campaign they ran on instagram was their #MadeForSpring campaign, where Brompton users shared spring pictures of their bikes for a chance to win a ‘Brompton O Bag’. A campaign like this gives Brompton a lot of recognition, as many posts featuring Brompton bikes are uploaded, and Brompton doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on a campaign like this since their fanbase is doing most of the work for them – they are just providing the prize for the competition. They also use social media to spread word about competitions and events.

For example, Brompton participated in Strava’s cycle to work day, encouraging users to share their commute to work, tagging Brompton on social media. This also gives Brompton recognition.People: As mentioned before, Brompton communicates with their fanbase on social media a lot. Replying to their fans with a positive attitude creates a good friendly image for their brand. Also, at their official “Brompton Junctions”, they have qualified sales staff who are able to assist customers with selecting the right bicycle.Process: The process of buying a Brompton bike is very simple. The bike can be customized online, meaning a user can select the exact features they want on their bike.

Then, when they are finished, they can find a store to go collect the bike in. If they wish, they may also take a bike for a test ride before buying it. Physical Evidence: As mentioned, Brompton sells their bikes in over 1,450 official dealers as well as 12 official “Brompton Junctions”. Customers may take the bike for a test ride before buying it.Message communicated:Through their social media advertising, Brompton wants customers to believe that they make high quality bikes. A big thing they focus on is the fact that “each Brompton is handmade”. Using social media for advertising, they also engage with their fanbase as much as possible and encourage them to spread the word by running things such as events as mentioned above. Costs:Since Brompton doesn’t advertise in traditional ways such as running adverts on TV, they’re advertising costs are likely very not high at all.

They are considered to have “cult status” – they don’t have to advertise, their loyal fans spread the word for them instead. They also use social media to promote their brand. No one has to pay to use social media such as Instagram or Twitter, meaning Brompton doesn’t actually pay for advertising. They do have to recruit people to run these social media accounts, but don’t pay massive costs for advertising on popular websites like most businesses do.Appropriateness of the campaign:Considering their cult status following, promoting their brand on social media is very appropriate as it allows them to interact with their loyal fanbase.

Timescales:Brompton is constantly running campaigns throughout their social media accounts. The campaigns are often ran in specific times of the year depending on what the campaign is. MadeForSpring campaign was ran during the spring.

Campaigns:Aside from the previously mentioned campaigns, they have ran a campaign called ‘#TryBrompton’. The goal of this campaign was to encourage people to try out a Brompton bike, persuading people to buy one themselves.The campaign was launched with a video competition. 5 winners would get a Brompton bike delivered to their house, which they would be allowed to have for a whole month to see whether Brompton is for them.Alongside this, Brompton was also in many locations such as city centres and train stations, offering people the chance to try out a bike, and a Brompton staff member would be there to offer advice.


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