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The benefit customers: The assurance of 100% pure fresh milk The secret of the clean fresh milk lies in its advanced technology and technique, imported Israel and other countries, in cow rearing and milk processing. HTH has utilized Israeli expertise in technology management and training to ensure a smooth and correct application. The most important element among many in clean, nutritious milk production is the ingredient input.

We can only fully utilize the advances processing technology when we have a good and stable inflow of ingredients. All the production stages are technologically supported and supervised by 2 multinational companies,AFAIK (Israel) in herd management and Totally Vets (New Zealand) in veterinary, which insures efficiency and professionalism throughout the process: Breed origin, Nutrition, Housing, Herd management, Milking, Processing factory, etc. In detail, click the link: http://www. Think. Van/en/ news_events/message-the-true-milk-consumers 1. 2. 2. Product categories New product is launched milk prepared no more than 1% The product includes 8 categories: whole milk, less sugar milk, sugar milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, additional milk Collagen, additional milk Photosphere, additional milk Calcium.

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. 2. 3.Name of product HTH is stands for “True Happiness”. The company always wants to bring customers truly fresh and natural prod cuts. A name associated with the characteristics of the product. The name is easy to remember, deeply impressed by the customer.

1. 2. 4. Designing and packaging Tetra Peak – famous packaging technology from Sweden has been considered as a proof of clean, sterilized milk. Its respectability is much suitable for Vietnamese routine use of the milk carton bottle. Size: mall and mall box Image: Blue sky, which symbolizes the nature, has been shown simply, clearly ND prominently.

1. 2. 5.Distribution Channels: True Mart chain: HTH has chosen their own path in preserving natural goodness for each and every HTH product, and this path has led to the establishment of HTH true mart chain of stores. In the first few steps, the chain is mainly based in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Mini and Nigh An, and is developed throughout the whole country.

First, HTH true mart will serve as a tool to raise awareness of HTH. Second, this is a direct channel of distribution. And third, HTH true mart is a modern and distinctive distribution channel of clean, safe, fresh and atrocious natural product to Consumers.In the future, when the online shopping and home delivery is launched, the chain of stores will serve as offline representative for this channel.

HTH true MILK has been launched and distributed in HTH true mart since December, 2010. Currently, to broaden consumers’ choices of natural products, HTH has introduced vegetable product called HTH true VEGA. The project is managed by May Forestry Joint Stock company, using a closed process production under strict technology management.

System of retailers Large supermarkets: Co. Mart, Big, Metro, etc…. Small retailers .

SOOT Analysis 2. 1. Strengths Success in Preemptive Claim.HTH True Milk is the first milk producer to guarantee definitely 100% pure fresh milk. By be qualified for many international healthy standard , verified by governmental agency and especially through marketing in time, HTH True Milk have been clearly positioning the image of a large investor who desire to improve Vietnamese resident’s health by our own competence. At present, HTH True Milk has applied the most advanced foreign technology and management know-how in all processes which have innovated 5 years in advance of the age. HTH True ilk’s process has been cycle line, which means to own privately supply sources and distribution channel.

As a result,this independence of outputs’ price has made our price stable. Trauma- chain stores has been unique and efficient distribution. They have also been creating professional image of HTH True Milk. Be consulted & financial support from Back A Bank 2. 2. Weaknesses Established in late 2009, HTH True Milk have been still a young branded in fresh milk market. The products and brand have not approached to potential provinces such as: Name Dine, Nine Bin, Been Ho, Inspire of be accounted for approximately 33% northern market share, this index in southern market is only 7%.

High price is the most impotent barrier to approach lower-income customers 2. 3. Opportunities Vietnam has been at high increasing rate of demand 15-30% per year.

State prior policies to Milk Industry: Lowering interest rate, encouraging policies to raise milk cow farms, etc. Developing information technology make online- shopping more applicable. 2.

4. Threats Over 70 competitors & approximately 300 substitute goods. Vanilla, which has operated in this market for over 35 years, is the biggest motorists with over market share.Entering WTFO brings high competition from foreign investors: lower cost of milk producing, reducing tax on schedule of be a member of AFT A, WTFO. 3. Objectives and Goals 3.

1 . Short-run Objectives on 2013) The main objectives in 201 3 is to grow revenue 1 . XX, approximately 3500 – 3700 billion VEND, which means be equivalent to about 35% Of gross market share. This one is rationally reachable because in 2012, the gross revenue of HTH true milk was 2000 billion VEND which was accounted for 28% market of over 7000 billion VEND.To succeed in this yeans objectives, following goals would be done: Develop patrons: means that they will create 70% of revenue in 2012, which means to raise 20% in 2013. Catch over 150. 000 new-paying target customers.

( At least 37. 500/ quarter) Reach high level of customers’ satisfaction: 95% target customers Improve cost per customer by 20%. Raise awareness of new products which will be launched in 1/2013. Expand to southern market: 7% D 15% market share. 3.

2. Long-run Objectives (Next 5 years) On schedule, 2013 will be still in developing stage of HTH True Milk.At present, our market share has not appropriate with scale of production the company as been investing in. HTH True milk has had 22. 000 milk cows and bye, will have reached 137. 000 ones; got capacity of 500 million liters/year. This also means it will afford to supply for over 50% gross demand.

As a result, by 201 7, HTH True Milk will have been the largest milk producers in domestic market. 4. Target Market 4. 1 . Market Segmentation and Market Size Criteria Features Size Geographic Urban: advertising programs, sale, delivering of HTH true milk takes place almost in cities: Ha Non, Vine, Ho Chi Mini city..

…Rural: HTH true milk products are not used a lot and in fact, it has not left rebound image in customers. It is potential market with big purchasing power and in the future, HTH true milk can develop this market Over 70% of the population Demographic Ages of 5-18: Be consumers because of growing stage. Nevertheless, they are not deciding people who will choose what brand of milk they drink.

24. 931 Ages of 18-40: Be consumers and deciding people. 22 million Cryptographic Appreciate quality and safety of milk, rather than price. They strongly believe relationship between price & quality.People who are sensitive about price. They consider price as a first factor to decide whether buy or not. Behaviors Buy small amount, regularly Buy big amount, irregularly 4. 2.

Target market 42. 1. Image Ages: 18-40 Sex: Female Social Status: Housewife Family size: 3-4 people Income: > 3 million VEND/person Characteristics: Require higher quality and be willing to pay more to get better products Based on quality, not famous brand name as buying.

42. 2. Consumption Motivation for buying: Take care Of their children’s healthy growth: improve height, resistance, etc…Desire to improve your beauty. Be searching a nutritious drink as a substitution for water. Buying through retailers systems or distribution channel – True Mart.

Amount of consumption: 1. 5 barrel/month. Means of communication: TV, internet, radio, newspapers 4. 2. 3. Customer Feedback What customers prefer HTH True Milk What customers complain about – Ensured quality – Taste: more sweet-smelling, differently delicious, in comparison with others. – Designing: Convenient; proper color that brings feeling of nature, purity. – Much high concentration of sugar in sugar milk.

– High price. 5.Competition Nowadays, Vietnamese milk market has about 300 products of more than 70 milk companies such as: Vanilla, Dutch Lady, Notified, Abort, etc. In there, Vanilla and Dutch Lady make up milk market mostly in Vietnam. 5. 1 The strategy of Vanilla Vanilla is the top of companies ranking in Vietnam about manufacturing not merely milk but also many products from milk. In 2011 , Vanilla gains the impressive business results including revenue reaching 1 billion IIS dollar (22,279 billion VEND), increasing by 37%, delivery to the National treasury of 2,400 billion VEND, increasing by compared with 2010. .

1. 1. Strength points: Manufacturing technology achieves international standards. Holding 39% market share in whole Nation. Continuously developing advanced products.

System of distribution and selling covers many areas. 5. 1. 2. Weakness points: Because of diversifying kinds of products, Vanilla controls by many segments of those kinds. It means that Vanilla will meet difficulty in focusing the kind of natural milk.

5. 2. Strategies of Dutch Lady In 1 924, Dutch Lady is imported into Vietnam. So far Dutch Lady Vietnam has a large market in whole Vietnam.In there, Dutch Lady have many market segments following the age including the small child, child, teenager and adult; following the kind of milk products consisting on sterilized milk, condensed milk. Because Dutch Lady makes menu segments, they set slogan for the natural milk which is called: “Ready for life! ” and for impressing their various products for all age which is called: “Gung be ye chon Ion” to distinguish with other Sis’s messages.

5. 2. 1 .

Strength points: Applying to the high technology. Holding about 35% Vietnamese market share.Constantly improve products. Distributing system covers many areas. Locating a power position of brand name. 52.

2. Weakness point: Fairyland Camping Corporation runs business not only natural milk but also condensed milk, so resources are divided for those segments. Focusing on in fresh milk, there are 100 kinds of milk from 70 companies, this picture shows you know that just only 2 years, HTH milk have a big achievement. There are 2000 billion in market 7000 billion following until quarter 4 in 2012, it means that holds 30 % in there.However, HTH need try more to compete with Vanilla a most big competitor and keep watch Dutch Lady.

6. Marketing Strategy: 6. 1. Positioning Strategy HTH True milk has succeeded in preemptive claim tactic (gain the pioneer’s advantages) which called Law of Mind in AAA Erie’s theory. According to this hero, HTH True Milk is the first one to claim that our products have been 100% pure fresh milk which is verified by State government and international health organizations. Asserting perceived quality, we have preceded all others in positioning two words “pure” and “clean” in customers’ mind.HTH True Milk has been also the first one to have own distribution channel – True Mart which impress our professional image on customers.

6. 2. Branding Strategy: Raising awareness of brand by meaning of logo: HTH is the acronym of True Happiness. That is, in the end, what we want to bring to consumers, the true happiness from truly natural products. True” is the one principle we always adhere to, true in the natural ingredient, in advanced technology production. This is our genuine commitment to the true value in life, to the true happiness.

HTH true MILK is made up of 3 attributes: Earnest, Proud, and Honest. Proud to be the first to lay down the foundation for the milk industry in Vietnam, HTH has made a breakthrough in applying high technology in agriculture, maximizing the rich soil heritage, and turning it into a commercially beneficial strength. HTH is aware that it all comes down to serving the consumers. A country is strengthened when its citizens are hectically and mentally healthy. This development hinges not only on the essential nutrients found in food and dairy products, but also in a healthy lifestyle.

People are those who build a nation hence doing our job of serving the consumers is doing out duty to the nation. To us, we fulfill our job by producing clean, safe and natural products. Be a smart consumer who chooses truly natural products, and be a follower of HTH because we will make you proud. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 7. Marketing Tactics 7.

1. Products: Strategy of diversity of products: HTH True Milk have launched produced with new additives HTH True MILK OUT pure Fresh Milk 100% fresh cow milk so you can enjoy the natural goodness in every drop.

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