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Ice Cream Delivery addresses these factors and its plan to build a successful business. Distribution Plan Distributing the product will start by researching all area detailed mapping. There will be areas that will be outlined on past product sales in different markets, but in an upward selling history.

This technique will eliminate wasting fuel, time & energy in areas at first to help build up the need for the products being sold immediately. Along with the local advertising in the newspaper and social media’s, there will also be set “appearances” at 12 different locations on the opening month each night to help spread the word.Setting up shop in set locations will be a way to show consumers that there is a new tasty treat that’s available right at their very own door step. This will show consumers that this company stands behind an incredible product, punctuality and a treat that is for sure delicious.

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Pricing and Positioning Pricing the service and product for a new organization will have an affect of the future of the business. When releasing prices to the public, consumers will compare it to competitors and will either help the organization or make a poor impression on potential consumers.Pricing is one of the most difficult sections a company can make but also the most important (Scarborough, 2014). In the industry of ice cream delivery, there are no direct competitors to compare pricing. The next available source of pricing would be ice cream stores in the local area and grocery stores.

The price to have ice cream delivered will need to competitive and help sway a consumer to pay to have it delivered versus going to the store and purchasing on their own. While ice cream has been around for decades, the delivery system has not been put into place. This is the difference between revolutionary and evolutionary pricing.Since this is not a brand new product, this would fall into the evolutionary category. This gives the company are smaller margin for price expansion. Consumers are aware what delivery costs are and what a typical ice cream product will costs. This will restrict the option to inflate prices to have bigger margins. In order to make a profit and pay employees, product, and leases the product will need to utilize the “marked up” strategy.

This means that this organization will raise the price of the product and/or service in order to make a profit (Scarborough, 2014).Each item will need to see an inflation of 20% a nominal $2 delivery fee. While 20% may seem to be a steep incline in pricing, considering the price off blizzard at Dairy Queen is $4, this will only tag on an additional S.

80 per item. The fee will be listed on the receipt as a delivery fee but would be acceptable by consumer given what they may pay to travel to get their product. These margins cannot be much larger because this may become more unattractive to a potential consumer. The pricing supports our position by adding value to the delivery service.

A consumer would be able to justify the cost of paying extra in order to have he convenience of ice cream being delivered to their residence. While there are cheaper products, none can offer the option to have it brought to the consumer. Technology Ice Cream Delivery knows the importance of using technology to connect with its customers. The company will use a web page, an paper social media (Faceable) and email to communicate and build a connection with its customers. The web page, app, Faceable, and email can be accessed by anyone using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Ice cream delivery is meant to be convenient for its customers.

Therefore, the company wants to ensure customers can easily access information, place orders and contact anyone at Ice Cream Delivery. Through the web page and app, customers can browse the products, check prices, place orders, and track the progress of their delivery driver. Having a web page and app can influence sales growth. Forrester Research stated that “$1. 1 trillion of all retail sales in 201 1 were “web-influenced” (Sprung, 2013). Customers can also access company information and keep tabs of promotions and specials. A business that does not use social media risks losing its customers to competitors.

According toHubbubs, “92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites” (Deemed, 2014, Para. 2). Faceable is an inexpensive and efficient way to connect with people. There are more than one billion people active on Faceable, in March 201 5 there were about 936 million daily active users (Faceable, 2015).

Through Faceable Ice Cream Delivery can reach numerous customers and keep them informed of promotions, company information, new products, and specials. Email is another way to keep in ouch with its customers.Customers will have the option to sign up for email blasts that offer coupons and notifies them specials. Through these different elements, Ice Cream Delivery will be able to reach its customers because the company offers various ways for its customers to connect with the company. If an individual does not want to be part of the email blast he or she can jump on Faceable to see if there are any specials being offered. If a customer does not have Faceable, he or she has the option to access the website.

Customers can connect with Ice Cream Delivery through various ways.Each genealogy type offers the same company and product information. However, it provides customers the ability to access it the way it’s most convenient for them. Technology helps to inform, engage and convert consumers while increasing brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, and convert consumers to customers.

Conclusion Whether the day or night, this is company that guarantees its products. The research has been completed to have a positive outcome. Ice cream delivery is in general an extra expense, but when the luxury of having such a treat delivered right to your very own doorstep, well, you’re one step ahead of the est..

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