Marketing Plan and Strategies of Tassel Group essay

The Tassel Group Limited as a pop three global fish farming company, each year they satisfied the demand of the salmon goods not only in the Australia but also around the world (Tassel Group, 2013). What is more the Tassel Group has the whole production chain about the salmon goods; the biological assets account a vital stage in the whole company’s assets. Start from hatching, the feed the small fish in the special environment and then put the back to the farm at the Tasmania.As the Australia leading business entities, how to build the effective marketing strategy is very important for the success of the business in inducting the business in different regions and areas. The purpose of this marketing plan is to support the selected establishment in achieving their goals and objectives.

2. Marketing Goal and Objective Marketing goal: since the one of the major advantages of the Tassel Company is the domestic market’s high profitability and revenue, therefore, The Tassel Company’s marketing goal is building strong Tassel brand.Marketing objective: Tassel focuses on two major domestic markets – wholesale and retail. Tassel’s managers and marketers create some new plan whereby customers earn discounts, such as more preferential and give gifts. Sales plan and operating efficiencies continue to drive earnings growth as tassel sustainable generates both total dollars and dollars per keg of fish sold from Austria market sales. Tassel can use marketing campaign continues to build brand and drive sales in the core domestic wholesale and retail markets.

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As well as driving domestic markets, tassel can try to focus on growing fish biomass. According to the survey, strong gains in fish biomass, feed conversion and survival which in turn driven operating cost efficiencies and margin improvements. If the Tassel do it, the earnings will continue to grow aster than revenues and returns have continued to increase towards targeted levels. About wholesale, Tassel can continue to increase investment, because wholesale is a very big market, in Australia, there have thousands of shop, every food shop and other shop is Tassel’s market.Tassel Company need sale their products in every corner of Australia. 3.

Specific Marketing Strategies 3. 1 Target Market Tassel’s target market is Salmon users, and the potential target market is sea food users who do not eat salmon, by the way, if Tassel want the potential target market customers buy their products, they need increased institution in two steps: increasing frequency of existing users, and convert non-salmon, but seafood users.However, the most important potential target customers is female, main grocery buyer, the age like 25-49 years old (Tassel strategy session, 2012) , because those customers most of all was married, they are notes each one customer, they are on behalf of the family to shopping, that is a big market. 3. 2 The Marketing Mix The marketing mix is looking at the right product, at the right price, what media to use and to use the right place. These are known as: product, price, place and promotion.The Tassel company brand has established itself as a leader amongst Australian salmon retail stores.

Their philosophy has always been to provide Australians with the best health and biggest range. 3. 2.

1 Product Product is defined as a physical good, service, idea, person or place that is capable of offering tangible and intangible benefits that individuals or organizations regard as necessary or that they are prepared to exchange money or something of value for it (Karen Beamers , Ruth Seafood, 2007-2008).Tassel is the worldwide known company, they are always persisting the quality of the salmon and other product innovations. Tassel has been recognizing that only the company has put great amount of efforts in the research and development then the Tassel is able to gain the future successes.

Every years, Investment in research and development at Tassel is centered on better understanding offish health and the environment in which we farm our fish, mitigating the impact of Tassel’s operations on the environment and continual improvement of fish health (TASSEL Sustainability Report, 2014).However, Tassel research for products invested too much financial and material resources, so that the taste of some products is not err delicious, just very healthy, Today, many young customers’ first choice for the products are delicious and looks good, then they will think about the products are health or not. Therefore, if Tassel company want to attract more young customers buy their products, they need change the taste better. 3.

2. Price In price part, I will talk about one Task’s product, Smoked Tasmania Salmon for Cooking, it is sold in a number of ways, Smoked Tasmania Salmon for Cooking is very easy to eat, and it can use for rich, pastas and salads. So for the Price part of this study, I will look only at the price of their best seller amount sold. For a box of Smoked Tasmania Salmon for Cooking uses completive pricing, which involves giving a price similar to the competitors, psychological pricing, which is pricing to the nearest whole number for example, $7. 9 think that they can also use promotional pricing, which is like free amounts such as Buy Two Get One Free or 25% extra free. Even if the price of Tassel’s product is only a few cent cheaper, people tend to buy it rather than another brand, and vice versa, this is because they are always after a bargain, and companies always have to make their prices cheaper than their other competitors to win the competition. That why Tassel have the biggest market in Australia.

3. 23 Place In the domestic market, Tassel has Ana major market- Coles and Woolworth.Tassel harvests some 5 million salmon from Tasmania and has the distinction of being one of the few that have been able to increase their profit margins when dealing with the majors. The most of products was sold in Coles and Woolworth. But think sale product in Coles and Woolworth are not good enough, because the sales personnel is not very understand for the product, when the customer ask them some question, they can not very accurate answer the question. So using Tassel’s owned retail outlets sale product is better, the sales personnel is Tassel’s professionally staff. 3.

2. Promotion Promotion is the direct way in which an organization attempts to communicate with various target audience. Promotion consists of five main elements: Advertising, Personal selling, sales promotion, Public Relations and Direct Marketing (Karen Beamers , Ruth Seafood, 2007-2008). Tassel’s product is sold in many different ways, they can have numerous different types of sales promotions. They can offer price reductions and Buy Two Get One Free, such as at supermarkets, retail outlets and wet fish shops. They can also done charity promotions and Customer Relationship Management incentives such as bonus points or money off coupons.Tassel launched its major advertising campaign in January 2010 which is set to revolutionist the way consumers think about, and consume, salmon. Previous Tassel advertising campaigns have laid the groundwork for consumers, making them aware that salmon is a good, low fat, healthy source of protein(Tassel Group, 2015).

Featuring extensively in many fashion, women’s and lifestyle magazines, the PURE BEAUTY FOOD campaign is also supported with major public relations, pensioners and retail promotional activities(Taigas Group, 2015).Another way for the company to promote the brands is making full use of the latest technologies, especially the use of the internet (Sin, 2011 At the present, Tassel design a good website for the consumers so that a great amount of the consumers are able to be attracted to take a visit and buy some products. Tassel company use of the internet is not just promote the brands, they can also attract the next generation Of consumers, because the most of the young customers purchasing some things through internet. Thus, this is very important for use internet to promote Task’s products. 4.

Marketing Implementation and Control 4. Implementation-Tactical Marketing Activities Internet Promote: Firstly we need to evaluate the online marketing activities as with the growth in the use of the internet In recent years, there has been a huge shift in marketing activities to the online space. We need to know whether the current online marketing activities are correct or not so that we can adopt new marketing activities. Firstly we need to analyze whether Tassel has a great website. In order for the website to be powerful it should contain al relevant information about the company so that customers are aware about the facilities the company is providing.If this is not the case, therefore, we will have to improve the website so that we are able to attract users. Moreover, we should be more active on social media such as Faceable, Twitter and so on so that we can attract more customers by providing our service online.

On the other hand we should also do an evaluation for the offline marketing activities to know whether the past and the present offline marketing activities have been efficient or not. Internet promotion is essential or obtaining a competitive advantage over other competitors. One of the main offline marketing is Brand awareness.Activities such as word of mouth, consumer appreciation and print advertising help to build brand recognition and increase visibility.

Internet marketing can be advertising where the marketers introduce their facilities through magazine advertising. This help to target a large number of customers as every people will have access to this and building strong Tassel brand. 4. 2 control Marketing control is the process of monitoring the proposed plans as they proceed and adjusting where necessary. There are different actions needed before the execution of the marketing plan.

Financially, more funds are needed for advertising Tassel to increase awareness, new product development, and better colors for the packaging. More research and development spending as the company’s strong need in this area. When it comes to human resources, the need for buyers and product managers, in order to maintain a good marketing plan. To ensure that the existing input and extra are doing well, many of the actions during the execution of the marketing plan in need.

For product manager, he was in a multi-disciplinary am, check all the functional areas, in addition to the marketing department whether to follow similar goals.In addition, they have an important task that they should pay attention to all the factors affecting Tassel like in the production sector of the product components. Each salesperson should be invited to him, he saw what he thought it needed advice what to do. In accordance with the cost leadership strategy, in order to improve profitability.

In cooperation with the financial sector, so take close unneeded assets, in order to get more cash in hand, and invest in other important projectsSponsoring any events that encourage healthy food whether on TV, radio in order to show the end-users target that we are providing a healthy food that can be taken to improve human health. 5. Conclusion To conclude, the future of Tassel is brilliant, The company can be the leader in the market as it has great opportunities that it should benefit from. Tassel’s internet marketing will be successful.

We could understand what actual situation the firm has by analyzing it internally and externally. We also beneficial from the SOOT analysis that was very helpful to get the best strategies and tactics.We want to attract more consumers and increase awareness of the brand that is known and unsought in the market. To implement our market plan, a crucial strategy is implemented to improve the product and the advertising. To increase our opportunities to succeed, we are controlling our plan from the inputs we add, their process, and the outputs we expect. 6. Reference Mark, Ryan and Andrew, Crewel, 201 3, Tassel Group Limited IFFY results,.

Accessed 01 cot 201 5 Increased frequency & penetration, 2012 Tassel strategy session.

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