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Marketing communication plan for KFC SingaporeBy Chahana Gurung (MM42)1. Executive summaryThe purpose of writing this report is on how we (KFC Singapore) can deliver our products which will be launching soon, how we can present them to our customers, how we can make our products or services even better and how we can use the help of the following marketing communication strategies. This will also help our company to build up more energy to the future of KFC Singapore. Since KFC Singapore does not have many outlets these days, we plan to have more in the future such as places where people walk pass by from their homes and they can drop by anytime they want to.

We also plan to have more comfortable enough seats and tables. Though we might face problems or issues in the future, we hope to always bring out the best. We also will have the most suitable workers working with us and serving our customers well, so they do not have to worry. We provide 100% satisfaction for our customers and together maintaining the level of having excellent services among our other competitors. 2. Intro: Environmental ScanningNow we look back to the history of KFC, KFC stands for ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ and was started by a budding entrepreneur by the name Harland Sanders.

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While the first franchise was started way back in 1952 in Utah. (Success story, 2018)KFC is known to be everyone’s favorite chicken. However, due to the popularism it also faces a lot of competition from other fast food chains like McDonalds, Texas Chicken, Popeyes, Burger king and many more. Let us have an internal analysis of KFC to know what strategic initiatives can be taken from the company.SWOT Analysis for KFC Singapore: Strengths: Customers are loyal to the brand, strong customer awareness, KFC is the world’s second largest restaurant chain with over 21,000 KFC outlets in more than 130 countries, variety in menu, fast growth in Asia. Weaknesses: Small outlets, limited seating’s, always packed, unhealthy food menu, negative public feedbacks.

Opportunities: Increasing demand for healthier food, introducing new products to its only chicken range, introducing better vegetarian products, home delivery, focusing on the low cost and healthier items, rise in health-conscious population.Threats: Lawsuits against KFC, threats from other food chains/restaurants, changing consumers eating habits, competition.Competitor Analysis for KFC Singapore:KFC operates in a larger macro environment of forces that create opportunities. A company such as KFC usually cannot influence trends in the macro environment as they affect people and organizations on a larger scale.

However, KFC also must carefully examine macro environmental trends and must create competitive responses to such trends. 4701540889000The microenvironment consists of all forces that are close to KFC and on which KFC has an impact. They directly affect KFC’s ability to serve its customers.3581401333500-762049212500These are some of the top competitors for KFC as for now: Pestel analysis for KFC Singapore:Political – Economical -Social -Technological -Environmental -Legal -Reference list story, 2018)


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