Market management understandings frameworks that contribute the studied

Market Segmentation and different need that people and customer must be ful-filled in different manners become one of the fundamental importance in a busi-ness framework. The expectation that tourism organization has it when they are targeting a market segment leads to a competitive expectation and advantages. To identify the ideal segment’ ‘will need it of analytical work of the metrology segmentation application either a posterior segmentation approach (Maza, 2000).
In literature, there are many segmentation techniques available. Several different strategic management understandings frameworks that contribute the studied of this paper to analyse the strategic issues to a professional standard. Therefore, the literature review will focus on different forms of segmentation whit a focus on TUI Group Organization an international travel company with an over 2000 different tourism brands launched in the tourism market late 1997.
2.Literature review
Wendell Smith 1956 suggest distributing the market into groups of customers that have characteristics either inclinations toward some services which can be for an organization the way that may manage the variety and position within a market. Since 1956 rich literature techniques and elements that are focusing the principles that can be used to segment a market, has developed over a potential single domestic market that might be successfully fragmented in an actionable consumer segment. Therefore Thomas (1980) evidence that any suggestion re-garding segmentation must pass four specific procedure with reference to meas-urability, accessibility, stability and substantiality (John Stanton & Guilherme D. Pires 2000, Journal of segmentation in marketing).
The first step in segmentation according to Carl McDaniel and Charles W. Lamb was to, select a market either a product category” addressed to a market that has been taken from another firm either to a new product category. On the other side Roger Best (1990) suggests a framework to implement a market segmenta-tion strategy step as a need-based for segmentation process around specific cus-tomer needs. The objective was to check and observe what observable de-mographics that differentiate one segment from another.
The opinion of management modern writers about marketing is regarding the main department of an organization and as a holistic, competitive operational for a business (Evans, 2012). The way strategic role has it in marketing for on organi-zation and the measure of, strategic ” has it is reflected in the growing of im-pingement of common, strategic management territory” (Fyall and Garrod, 2005). Kotler and Keller 2012 are the most quoted authors on marketing are us-ing differences in them propose and describe strategic marketing as a segmenta-tion, targeting and positioning market. In STP either Target Marketing, TUI Group must distinguish the major segments of the market. They joined model al-lows them to influence them distribution power of the market source that will optimise the buyer volumes for them own consideration. Targeting one or more segmentation and position them products can appeal to the chosen target seg-mentation needed. Therefore, they are increasing yields and at the same time are minimising risk with them integrated approach. Kotler approaches he has been applied particularly to hospitality and tourism and destinations (Kotler et al.,2013.,1993).


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