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T hrough the events in the: world war 1 (1914191 8), world war 2 (1 9391 945) and postworld war 2 (1945 1990), Canada’s identity became more developed in its involvement in peacekeeping, partners hip, politics and independence. World War 1 was the first major international affair Canada had participated t hroughout the yea rs of 1 9141 918. Since Canada was still under British colonial rule, the country au tomatically joined in when it declared war on Germany. Throughout the war, Canada began to dev lop a remarkable reputation.

This reputation obtained by Canada was respect because of the b attles it had fought in the Battles of Ypres,Sommes, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele. The battle of Vimy R idge was the most impressive demonstration of Canadian precision and planning on taking over the ridge because the British and French had tried capturing it over many with no success. Because of Can ada’s impressive fighting strategies , it earned a seat in the League of Nations after World War 1 .From earning a seat in the League of Nations, Canada slowly became an independent and strong nation. After World War 1 ended in 1918, Canada experienced a change, it slowly dev eloped a stronger connection with the US in economy and politics than Britain. These independ ence and close ties with the US were displayed when Canada declared war on Germany after World War 2 began in 1939.

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