Marjorie lee Browne was born on September 9

Marjorie lee Browne was born on September 9,1914 in Memphis Tennessee. She was always gifted in the subject of math. She was inspired by both of her parents at a young age. She got her math skills from her father Lawrence Johnson Lee. The people that knew her father usually called him a math wizard which later they passed down to his daughter Marjorie. Even though Marjorie always had a love for the subject she took it seriously after her mother passed away and her father’s new wife whom was a school teacher pushed her to study it and work on the skill. She attended Lemoyne high school a Methodist school where she struggled being a young African American woman. She made it through though and gathered enough money to send her to the Historic black college university we all know as Howard.
She went through college majoring in math. Marjorie was the only African American woman during her time period to receive a PhD. That was a big deal back in the day She was also the Only African American woman or person to have A PhD in her field. Marjorie faced many obstacles in her life. She also graduated from college the cum laude of her class. She later went on to help support financially unstable children that were whizz kids just like she was and still is. She also became chair over many organization and got many grants and other things named after her from the ways she helped in the mathematics world and the way she had such an impact at the schools she taught at. Marjorie became a teacher at Gilbert academy in New Orleans where she taught math. This was only her first career of many. This school was a private secondary school for African Americans. This meaning the school was for ages 10 through 19. It was the step before higher education but after primary school and its usually divided into two parts. She wanted to impact them the same way she was impacted by her teachers did her when she was younger. She wanted to be able to give them that passion and that same drive she had for school and mathematics she had when she was younger in hopes that they would turn out to go to college or do something great in life.
Marjorie’s second job she received immediately after getting her PhD from the University of Michigan. She became a teacher at North Carolina University what is now known as North Carolina Central State university. She was later promoted to chair of the mathematics department at the university. She used her position to help the school be able to get some of the newest computers to use in her mathematic field. She received a grant that can help with building and community development, education, media, arts, culture, peace and social justice as well as others. Browne’s grant allowed her to study combinational topology at Cambridge University. It also let her be able to study and travel to Western Europe where she was taught many thing that she brought back to North Carolina Central State University. These things caused her to receive another grant for 60,000 dollars. This helped with the installation fees of the computers and for her to be able to get more things for the gifted math students. This university is where she left her biggest mark as an educator. She spent almost twenty-five years at the school and later retired. Even though Marjorie retired she would still help try to tutor and educate both gifted and non-gifted students at North Carolina Central University.

Marjorie lee was one of the first African American Woman to receive a Doctrine in mathematics. One way she contributed to mathematics is by being chair of the department of mathematics. A second way she contributed is by being a teacher to undergraduate and graduate students. She also helped teach African American females what they could do a be in the mathematics field or the educational field. She contributed by getting them efficient supplies to use in the mathematics classrooms and helping them be taught to their best abilities to learn and become successful in the mathematics field she also taught them how to learn and persevere through tough times no matter how hard you want to quit do not give up. She contributed by giving funds to the less fortunate students and kids in the African American community due to them not being financially stable enough to get to do these things on their own but being smart enough. She also helped contribute but helping the secondary school’s students out while she was still in college herself. She also contributed by helping them even when she was retired. She would help other people when she was in college and that was a contribution as well.
Marjorie contributed in helping in mathematics by writing and obtaining scholarships from shell, IBM, and many other major corporations. She also contributed to math by helping students pay for financial aid so they could make it in. She also helped lower financial aid so that more people could go to colleges and possibly graduate and help do a mathematical job. She also contributed to mathematics by studying topology this caused her to be able to instill it more into the students and make it something that is a core to be taught in the geometry classes.
“She gauged the crucial need of computer science early on. Which is why she wrote a USD 60,000 grant to IBM, in the year 1960, to bring a computer to NCCU. It was one of the very first computers in academic facilities, and most likely the first at a historically black school.”- Rebecca ” Dr. Browne became the first to receive the W.W. Rankin Memorial Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education, in the year 1975. The award states the following, “She pioneered in the Mathematics Section of the North Carolina Teachers Association, helping to pave the way for integrated organizations.”- john buzzle .com. These are a couple quotes from people that believed these were her biggest contributions in her life span or in her educational career that lasted only a short time of twenty-five years due to her retiring. This led to her only being a tutor.

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Lee impacted and changed math by showing that African Americans can be successful in this subject no matter male or female. It was not common for African American men or women to be good in this subject back then or even go to school and so them seeing her get this accomplishment really changed how them and others looked at math. They thought that if she could do it then they could do it too. This causing many more students to go to college and get degrees in mathematics and become teachers of math and pass on the passion they have for math to other students or people in general. That being not just a huge accomplishment and impact in math but the African American community as well as other communities that looked at her as an idol or hero.
She also changed and impacted math by receiving the 60,000-dollar grant which helped her get computers. These computers that she received she ended up working with and creating a new curriculum and language for math known as Fortran and Cobol. This caused the people over the chair at the time to put a scholarship in her name. She was also a director over the NSF. This was a program that helped undergraduate faculty consultant mathematics department. This helped undergraduate students with their studies or if they need a little help trying to find out new math vocabulary. She also received the highest reward you can get in mathematics this caused many people to come to her for her opinion on new thing in the math world. If somebody needed help establishing a new equation or help finding out how to solve the new equation they would come to Dr. Marjorie lee Browne. She impacted math also by creating a system that made sure only the smartest and the students that were actually ready to graduate from college with a bachelors in math would be able to and those that needed a little more help would have to stay longer until they actually figured out what they did not know or until they fully understood what was going on in the math world She wanted only the students that were academically able and ready to support the math world. She would also have jobs ready for them as they graduated.


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