Ok believe in, fighting for those you love,

Ok so most or all of my reasons for joining the Marines are as follows…Warning, read only if you have time to, there is a lot. :)Ideal- The Marines Embody more of my personal views and ideals then the other branches.

Loyalty, I respect and love the idea of loyalty to a person or persons…or a cause. To be totally loyal to something without question but to also love and honor that something, that idea is something I long for and adore.Which leads me to Honor as well.

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I have, since I discovered it in middle school I believe, always respected the idea of Honor. It means a lot to me. Its ideal a person can build and guide their beliefs on as well as their standards. Honor Goes hand and hand with Loyatly. To be loyal to a cause greater then my own is one reason that drove me to the Marines. Working to pay the next bill day in and day out is not what I want. My drive so far has been merely to survive and get the next fix(video games, sports, music, etc)HONOR:Taking a stand for something you believe in, fighting for those you love, so that they dont have to.

Sacrificing many things so that your loved ones dont have to. Fighting till the end, when you think there is nothing left and then finding the courage to and inner strength to keep going. Making in impact no matter the odds against you. Faith in those around you and your beliefs. Mastering your fears, for fear is a weakness.

Knowing your emotions, they can be a fond ally or black hole. Being prepared for a fight is one thing, looking for it is another. Self-awarness, not self-centered.

Know yourself but do not become enthralled with it. Discipline. Self-control, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

Confidence, In yourself and to lead those that would follow. (this is what I believe Honor is)Honor, to me, are these and SO much more that I cannot put into words. Honor is Pride, Love, Loyalty, Sincerity, Faith, Strength, a standard, a code of conduct, a belief, a cause, Spiritual…

and so much more then I or words could possibly describe. Honor Embodies a lot to me. The Marines offer me this. The other forces scoff at such an idea.

I want to be a part of something that respects and admires such traits as I have and believe in. Again the Marines offer me this. I know not all Marine respect my ideas, but at least I'll look forward to meeting and becoming a part of a group, however small or big, that has the same beliefs and ideals. Im tired of being around people that scoff and laugh at such things. I have met very people that respect the idea of Honor. The Honor that I think and believe in, has given me a strong sense of Morals and Ethics. Those that know me well will see this.

Over the years it has deteriorated a bit. Going into something that respects and teaches this will help me build up to..

.and past the standard I have set for and used to have for myself. The Marines are a Brotherhood. Modern day Knights, I know not all are.

Infact most probably arent. All the branches are infested with sex crazed drunkards, the Marines especially. Not all are like that, and I look forward to finding the select few that are not, but share my same ideals and thoughts.

I plan on joining and setting a new standard.Pride, I want to be a part of something that has an immense amount pride. That practically drips with it.

But not just any kind of pride. But a type of Pride that goes beyond that simple emotion that gets people into trouble. Though its still possible 🙂 but a Pride of Belonging and Accomplishment. I yearn for both and seek them through the Marines. Whether I find them is yet to be determined.

My Family, Ah…yes, probably the most contraversial because the military is notorious for not being very family friendly.

I understand that. Im not joining to have a great family life, Im joining to be the begin a great family life. My family is a mess. A lot of you that know me understand this. I know the Military life is a hard one. BUT, its what I feel I will learn and gain in the Marines that will give the things I need to develop the means to a great family.

It will take Faith and love in God, Discipline, Determination and ambitions. I feel that joining the Marines and serving a great amount of time in there (10-20 years) will help me build the standard and foundation my family needs. My family lies in ruins, and I am taking it upon myself to renew and build a new foundation for the future of my family. I want my family name to be respected and known for the good things its accomplished, not the mistakes its made. its going to take a lot of hard work, determination and above all patience.

This is something I truelly look forward too.Conflict, I am drawn to it. I will get this in.

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