Marijuana is changing continuously. Based on both pro

Marijuana legalization has been contentious debate for long time. The debate regarding the legalization of marijuana has been noted to one of the way in which the political landscape is changing continuously.

Based on both pro and ant marijuana legalization, United states is coming into terms with various policies regarding drugs and criminal justice which is an issue that politics and American considered to have been failed at substantial cost of country’s liberty and cost. Moreover, criminalization of marijuana in United States has mainly contributed in swelling the number of incarcerated people. Additionally, it also contributed to emergency of criminal gang that violently control its sale and distribution all over the world but presently medical marijuana is legal in nine states of America with the majority of American people to be greatly supporting the substance to be legal in entire America. Nine states of America have legalization marijuana as recreational activity while thirty states legalized marijuana sale. The other states of America are advocating about legalization due to lots of concern such as border public health question, safety and finical implications.

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As such due to such push for legislation, it is apparent that bringing marijuana under a law would more be benefit than harm. So there are lots of perspectives by different media analysis regarding the issue of legalization of marijuana in United States of America. The first view point is that New York should legalize marijuana as recreational activity. This is one of the issue that is being raised by various individual in US.

This aspect is being motivated by increasing tax revenue, creating new jobs opportunities and also creating agricultural opportunities. Plus, with legalization, consumers of marijuana will be guaranteed healthy and safe drugs while the other perspective is that marijuana should be made legal but its legalization should not be motivated by new tax revenue but for social justice. This aspect is majorly supported by the reason that is legalization of marijuana is to address the significant number of African American who are jailed on marijuana charges. Even though there are two aspects from two different sources that are supporting legalization of marijuana as one is based on increasing revenue and creating new agricultural land while the other source is based on addressing the issue of social justice in USA. The both mindset are particularly good as both are based on good purpose for America.

According to Marijuana project policy, the criminalization of drug has rapidly increasing criminal gang so if it is legalized these groups will be cut off and moreover this will also reduce drug-based violence which will save billions of resources. However, legalization comes with a question that is profit for Multinational Corporation like in tobacco industry. But these arguments are measured with medical marijuana which resists the misuse and over consumption of marijuana.

While the states in which cannabis is illegal. Law enforcement action in these states is against marijuana smoker. According to New York Times there is no difference in number of people who smoke marijuana among white, black and Latinos. However, the arrest date indicates that there is large racial difference. At least 85% people arrested are people of color and individuals from Latino community. Consequently, the state is considering legalization of drugs based on the statistics by establishing a task to focus on health and safety.

Moreover, the consumers would be required with information in accordance in the type of pesticide used during cultivation so that risk of unsafe products could be reduced.So, there by marijuana legalization will be beneficial to people and economy. So with legalization of marijuana there will be end of racial disparity who are arrested in different part of the nation.


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