Many them. The people use race as a

Many people think that racism is not present in the contemporary society throughout the world. They think that racism has almost ceased in America and now the people are not under slavery anymore.

However the people who experience racism knows that racism is an extending feature that is both open and conclusive in the contemporary society. People live in those societies where they experience discrimination in every day at work, school, and neighborhood, they look down upon and fear to interact with the people who harm them. The people use race as a means to judging other tend to generate stereotypes among people.

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Therefore the minorities has been portraying in a stereotypical and negative way but today the Muslims are the most targeted out group. Former professor at Columbia university, Edward W. Said stated in his famous book Orientalism that America wanted new enemy after the cold war therefore the cultural, political, educational, and media has put the focus on Arab and Muslims. The Muslims and Arabs faced hardship in United State during the six day war in 1970s and 1980s and represented as evils in media. Then the Gulf war in 1991 aroused the anti-Muslims and anti-Arab sentiments.

(Said,1979). In the novel the Reluctant Fundamentalists, the author, Mohsen Hamid right from the beginning demonstrates that how people tend to judge people on the basis of their color, religion, dress etc. it is the behavior and views of Americans that shape the attitude and impression of Changez in United Stated. At first he considered himself an exotic “pet” through the behavior of their friends and collogues. Even he faced soft 4Racism when he is travelling to Greece. Changez awareness happen at the same time with the attack on world trade center.

Changez now feels noticeable and he has to be searched more than their white collogues in shopping mall and airport. Ms. Hoineikip Haolai says that the misconception about Islamic culture is very problematic and this situation is intensified after the terrorist attack on world trade center. Every Muslim is considered as potential terrorist, bigot and violent, this concept giving rise to what is known today ” Islamophobia “. (Haolai, 2015, 300-305). Thus racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, antimuslim racism are the reinforcing terms and hostility against Muslims.

To address the racism we use critical race theory which draws from and extend a broad literature in law, sociology, history, ethnic studies and women studies. It study racism in legal point of view and it has many tenets which help to study in every branch of learning. CRT states that racism is a permanent component and system of America. CRT is also use to analyze that racism is penetrate by the dominant culture of society and all these structures are due to white dominance and supremacy in society.

CRT also looks at the multicultural society and identified that there is conflict between Muslims and Non-Muslims. The violence and prejudice that construct socially against Muslims made by Wes t and also created an ideology for Islamophobia. Kimberle Crenshaw said that critical race theory directly analyze the race and racism in society and directly refer to the hegemonic system of white on meritocratic system.

(Crenshaw, 1995). CRT reject the meritocracy and liberalism however the legal bodies say that the law is neutral and colorblind but the CRT looks for truth of law through examining the liberalism and meritocracy which is vehicle for self –interest and power. The Muslims migrants in the European countries experience various kinds of discrimination and marginalization in every field education, employment, housing and also the victims of negative stereotyping by the west. The Muslims are being targeted in the form of both physical and verbal threats. The conflict is not due to religion but due to different cultural norms and beliefs.

Thus there is cultural clash between Islamic east and Christian west after 9/11. This paper study about the discrimination experience by Changez after 9/11 incidence. This will analyze the change in perception of Changez about America and related themselves to Pakistan. At first Changez calls his dream American dream and how he open to American culture by accepting their lifestyle. There is difference between before and after 9/11 is that how the incidence news reports and media’s sentiments change the perception of the people of America, therefore the collogues began to look at 5Changez differently who knows him for years and also being harassed by the people of streets and in subways. The research not just focused on America before and after 9/11 but also focus on media and their effect on society.

The paper analyze the stereotypes and focus on the physical attributes that is taken as a reason to discriminate.


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