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Many people question whether a monarchy worth living under. A monarchy is a much smarter idea due to the fact it can provide stability to a country or a nation which a democracy in many situations are unable to provide. In a democracy, the citizens in the country vote for who would be a qualified candidate for the presidency role.

This can cause inexperienced people to take on a major job that requires a lots of responsibility and having the people of the country depending on them. While in a monarchy, the leader is bred from birth to fulfill the position rather than with an elected leader or president who may have less experience. In a democracy the president of the united states owes his power to the private interest groups that got he or she elected. The president must satisfy the interest groups before he can act for what would be best for his or her country. However, in a monarchy there is a king and queen who were born into their leadership role. This means it is passed down to the next member in that family. A person would preserve their work to maintain fairness throughout its country. If the government starts to be ruled by one person, then power would stop to make things change

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