Manuel Roxas essay

Breakdown of amnesty led to an anti-Hug campaign established a new land reform agency Phil and IIS signed Mutual Defense Treaty- an armed attack in the Pacific area against either the Phil or US would be considered as endangering the peace and safety Of both countries. Implemented foreign exchange controls Foreign policy aimed to continue friendly relations with countries over the world. Also, favored the US. Ramona Massage’s to bring freedom and progress to the barrios. Programs that would bring rural fulfillment and development. Worked for the acquisition of big estates and opened public agricultural lands for sale to farmers.

Built barrio roads that connected the rural districts to the urban centers, making it easy for the peasants to market their products. Policies followed American global policies such as containing communist expansion. Philippines joined the US sponsored South-East Asia Treaty. Phil and US entered into the Laurel-Langley Agreement. Phil participated in the Banding Conference Of non-aligned Afro-Asian States. Carols Garcia called for Austerity?”more work, more thrift, more productive investment, less consumption. Adopted nationalist policies especially in economic field.

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Banner Program- Filipino First Policy (rights of Filipinos first) Aimed a balances economy (CEQ al impetus to agriculture and industry) Anti-Subversion Law, which outlawed communism Japanese Reparation Treaty- Japan paid $550 million for damages Phil joined Association of Southeast Asia Doodads MacDougal called for “honesty, uprightness and simple living” implemented decontrol. , free enterprise and an open door policy to foreign investors Agrarian Reform Code, which abolished share-cropping tenancy and replaced it with lease hold system Changed Phil independence- from July 4 to

June 12. Ferdinand Marco’s aimed at attaining self-sufficiency in rice production and diversification programs Of crops and intensifying the community development program. Adopted a mailed-fist policy (threat of force) and a socioeconomic program in response to the Hug resurgence. Phil joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (SEAN) September 21, 1972 Marco’s declared Martial Law. Corona Aquinas proclaimed a revolutionary government under a Freedom Constitution Presidential Commission on Good Government was created.

Pushed for the creation of the ARM and the cordilleras proposed a Medium Term Development Program?aimed at alleviating poverty, generating employment, promoting equality. Issued the Comprehensive agrarian reform program. Fidel Ramose pursued peace efforts which resulted in the agreement with the MANILA Proposed the Social Reform Agenda?a framework to help the poor help themselves. Proposed Medium Term Development plan, basis of all development activities. Envisioned people empowerment Allowed 100% foreign equity in mining.

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