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Historically, there are three key management viewpoints: classical, behavioral and quantitative. To be an exceptional manager, it is essential to embrace a viewpoint that works best in utilizing resources and motivating employees to achieve goals successfully and deliver results. In my current role as an Area Manager for a large spirits and wine distributor, I am a first line manager of a sales team consisting of five sales consultants. The behavioral viewpoint is what enables me to not only be a successful manager, but to be a successful leader. Live in open-mindedness and transparency; most importantly, citing with integrity and respect, while promoting inclusion. As mentioned by Abraham Moscow, there is a hierarchy of needs (physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization), that all humans seek to some extent (Snicks & Williams, 2011 I believe that promoting better human relations, thus tapping into their needs, definitely can increase workers’ productivity levels significantly. I also firmly agree with the teachings of the late Peter Trucker. Mr..

Trucker strongly conveys the message of considering the needs of the organization as a whole, rather than one’s own needs. He explains that it is important to “Listen First, Speak Last” (Snicks & Williams, 2011). I apply this on a daily basis whenever an employee approaches me with a concern or idea. As stated by Foulest, it is important to empower employees to collaborate and work together; whether it is on troubleshooting or achieving team goals. Additionally, it is critical to give employees the information they need, to become successful and get the job done, while taking responsibility for each decision.

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My Vision Statement If would describe my ideals in a vision statement it would be as follows: “To rate exceptional value through an open-minded corporate culture and to pursue business with a bold, enterprising spirit. ” Self-SOOT Strengths My own success is directly related to these very beliefs and vision. To lead others through motivation and inclusion has been an extremely successful formula (Forbes, 2013). I believe this gives the people around me empowerment and a feeling of intrinsic accomplishment.

As a result, many times this becomes an extrinsic reward, either by money or other incentives. I firmly believe in building up the team of people around you. Building abilities, knowledge and preparing each member for the next level will undoubtedly help the success for the entire organization. It strengthens each position and encourages a culture to hire within and expands the opportunity for internal growth. I personally have built a team that is the most accomplished team in the state in terms of achieving success for incentives/ performance bonuses and individual growth. Eve a team with the most amount of “Senior Sales Consultants”; the highest status in sales that is given to high performing individuals who achieve rigorous requirements in training, internal assessments and mandatory cross trainings. As a result, I have been nominated 3 of the past 4 years, as “Area Manager of the Yea<, where I have won twice. This reinforces my belief in managing a sales driven team from a behavioral viewpoint approach. Weaknesses Often times, I become obsessive over certain tasks which may leave me to focus on them and neglect other tasks I have to do.

Sometimes, it causes a challenge and adds more stress to myself in meeting deadlines on required projects. On the same token, it limits my time and focus for my own professional development as am unable to engage in other projects. Occasionally, I lose focus on certain projects that I feel are redundant or not interesting enough, even though they are required by the company. Nonetheless, this may cause me to convey a sense of lack of commitment to certain projects. As a result, I may indirectly affect my team’s productivity and possibly cause unfavorable results.

Opportunities Completing my Bachelor’s degree will strengthen my skillet and help me become a more valuable employee. I am looking forward to the upcoming business courses so I can continue learning more about different conceptual traceries and theories that can apply to my workplace. My organization is excited that I have decided to pursue my degree and is completely supportive. Am responsible for managing a sales team in a diverse and high profile market that has already opened the doors for more opportunity inside and outside the organization.

Ultimately, the completion of my degree and continuing to be successful at my current role will be the best recipe for future opportunities Threats Increased competition in the market has pressured my sales team to change the way they perform in their jobs. This has created new challenges in the ay business is conducted directly with customers. Furthermore, it becomes increasing difficult to motivate my employees as they feel the stresses from their customers as a result of periodic change in market conditions.

As a manager, I need to come up with new solutions and creative ways of working; to better adapt to our customers behaviors and buying decisions. Management Action Plan In my efforts to improve upon my management capabilities and evolve as a leader, am committed to the following goals: 1 . Completing my Bachelor’s degree to fine tune my technical, conceptual and human relation skills by applying key management concepts, theories and practices that have been proven successful, into my management style. 2.

Part of my role as a manager is to cross train my team in different areas that will allow them to gain knowledge for their professional development. I intend to delegate more cross training projects and activities to my sales team, in order to free up my time and focus for projects that can partake in, benefiting my professional development as well. My Mentor is the General Sales Manager for the region, by meeting with him on a monthly basis; his feedback will gauge my reference and help keep me on track.

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