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I feel an important quality of a manager is to lead from the front. Years ago managers sat back and told their employees to jump; managers should jump with their employees. They also need to lead by example; employees will be more willing to change if they see their manager also changing with them. Managers should have a great understanding in the technology world. Managers should also show knowledge, intuition, commitment, versatility and discipline.Poor manager qualities would include things such as managing numbers ND not people, to concerned about their spreadsheet and worrying about the bottom line, which makes everyone miserable. Managers that refuse to delegate, afraid it will make them loss authority.

Other poor qualities would include acting as if they know everything, spying on the employees, expecting the employees to read their mind, ignoring Nan-performers, and stealing the credit for something they did not have anything to do with.The qualities change would diffidently change based on what situation or environment the manager is currently dealing with. One would act differently at work then at home. Same with work compared to social environments.

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The results of my management quiz were interesting. Run my own daycare center for thirteen years (but I was the only employee) and for the past five years I have been a Girl Scout Leader (my Troop has always had between 12-17 girls), that is the extent of my management skills.Also for a year I volunteered on the POT at my children’s school as the activity coordinator. So on the quiz have room to learn and grow. I received a 77% out of 100%. Here are the results: Management Quiz Rest Its Understanding team dynamics and encouraging good relationships.

10 out of 15 Selecting and developing the right people.

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