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Management Defined I would define management as the coordinating efforts of a team of people to accomplish goals. These goals are accomplished through leading, planning, directing and organizing every aspect of the business.

Management positions hold a great deal of power and responsibility which in many cases are important factors in accessing a business’s current and future financial standing. Good Qualities There are so many good leadership qualities that a person may possess but for this essay I will only focus on those that I feel are essential to a great deader.I believe that a leader must be honest and have high ethical standards for themselves as well as their team. Confidence and communication are critical to getting the entire team on the same page. A leader must be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas to their team. In order for the team to work together as one unit, they must understand the path they need to take and what the result should look like. When the leader exhibits confidence not only in themselves but their team, people will be more likely to follow their lead.Lastly, inspiration.

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Having an inspired leader will inspire the team to see the same visions and future for the business. Poor Qualities With so much emphasis on what makes great leaders, I think we have lost sight of addressing leaders that exhibit poor qualities. Shouldn’t we focus on poor qualities just as much the good ones? Do we even know what they are? Maybe the lack of focus is based on the sense that it is easier to create great leaders by enhancing their good qualities but it is too difficult to change poor ones. Eel that the following are signs of poor leadership including a poor edge of character, lack of humility, and lack of empathy and fear of change. Managers that are a poor judge of character have a blind spot when it comes to friends and coworkers, making excuses or being able to see another’s true character’ (Marry, 2014).

Lack of humility will likely leave this type of manager in the dust. A manager that believes they can do it all and better than everyone else will be left to do just that; everything and alone.If am having a personal crisis and need time off work or an adjusted work schedule, I need manager that can empathic with my circumstance. I am not asking for special treatment just complete understanding. Lastly, fear of change is a big one for me. I feel that business needs are constantly changing, and the team must be willing and able to change with it. If something in the system is not working, then something needs to change. Managers that are open to change and have a healthy fear of change thrive in this situation.

Situational Based Qualities I do not believe that leadership qualities change depending on the situation such as social environment or work and home environment. I do believe that the presence of these qualities become stronger or weaker depending on the situation. If a leader is an excellent judge of character at work, I feel that are also a great judge of character a social environment. At home, they may not need to tap into this quality but it will surface when they meet new people. Another example is fear of change.

If a person has a fear of change at work, they are also going to express this quality at home or in a social setting. It ay not be as strong, or it could be even stronger depending on the situation that is changing. Management Quiz Results The results of my management quiz were 83. 3% for managing people, 83. 3% for managing my team’s work and 100% for managing myself. I was a little surprised by these results.

I thought that would have scored higher on managing people and less on managing myself. Struggle to stay focused on my tasks at times and feel that I could improve my time management and organization skills.

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