MANAGEMENT Data: In the terms of Healthcare the

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS COURSE: Management Information Systems 513 DStudent Name : Hitesh Rao DegalaUIN : 660702834Course Code : 513 DClass Timings : Monday 06.00 – 08.

30PM Venue : 413 Norris L (Brookens Library)Case Study Title- The Five IT Megatrends for Health Care Information SystemsMegatrends are described as the great powers in both the human and revolution advancement which impacts the future in every issue of human doings, in a time of decade. In the case of Electronics Health Record (EHR), it is a computerised execution of patient’s draft which gives statistics immediately with ease and safely to permitted clients without any errors. After examining a huge amount of key expertise experts in this discipline and compiling this listing of scientific know-how and developments that are in all likelihood to have an impact on issuer companies over the forth-coming years which are as mentioned below.The Five Major IT Megatrends for Healthcare Information Systems are as follows:1)Big Data2)Social Media3)Mobile4)Internet Of Things5)Cloud Computing1)Positive and Negative implications of Megatrends in Big Data: In the terms of Healthcare the Big Data is known as a stack of data that is generated from various sources such as mobile applications, continuously monitored equipment and leading health experts.

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Therefore, these are few of the sources.Positive Implications: Big Data can be used in detecting manipulation detection by accessing large amounts of data in finding discrepancy and submitting claims and also finding errors does not become difficult by the usage of such method. This also helps in finding if the disease transmits through to others in the family by having an access to the DNA records.Example: When a patient comes up with a post in the mobile health care application about the complications in the health. This algorithm will give the patient the necessary information and help by preventing him to be at the risk of the particular disease.Negative implications: Although there are strong positives, Big Data also has few negatives such as lacking in privacy of patient’s information from not just the work place and not limited to one doctor.

Because when replaced by another doctor, that would lack personal doctor’s touch and may result in leaving the patients in few cases.2)Megatrends in Social Media: Social Media plays a prominent role in healthcare sector for consumerism and the straight forward services in medicinal services. This can become a major player in healthcare sector.Positive Implications: Having Social Media access across distant places will be an advantage because the tools used in social media will lay forth a quality of care to any individual around the globe with minimal cost providers.Negative Implications: Although media access will make it easy to interact with the healthcare consultant. It will lack in direct in person communication with the doctor for the treatment and privacy issues is a major concern.

3)Megatrends in Mobile: The Mobile Healthcare Systems focus primarily on objectives such as a good access to health applications and medical data recordings.Positive Implications: MEMR which also known as Embracing mobile electronic medical record systems is the major approach which updates medical caretakers and the reason of care administrators. Many applications such as therapeutic administrators, observations and access of human services data that acts as few advantages to the curative staff.

Negative Implications: In few instances the mobile applications may break down and this gradually slow down the patient’s access and results in wastage of time leading to various problems.4)Megatrends in Internet Of Things: Internet of Things has various applications but, the couple of applications which come into play the most are tele-monitoring and Remote Monitoring. In the digital revolution of Healthcare Industry the Internet Of things have become a major aspect.Positive Implications: Due to long distances The doctor and patient can communicate from any distance even though they’re not present in person and no availability of data in Internet of things for a medical advice to a patient.

Negative Implications: In certain situations when data is disconnected and no other option but, to travel to the medical care centre and Information access from IOT will have to deal with the security procedures to keep the information secured to not let any unapproved access.5)Megatrends In Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing is known as delivering the demanding computer resources from applications to data stored locations over the internet. For the sake of giving Electronic Health Record the Program administering is a basic technique that can be used.Positive Implications: Data is shared with various systems using the healthcare data security, Since there is no need for any kind of investment and patients data can be accessed from any distant place as it has its own IT medium.Negative Implications: When a certain confidential data is exposed to the unauthorised members of the healthcare centre who are limited to a certain area, the unapproved data disclosure brings about extreme conclusions and certain amount of expenses and restoring the data.References: 1) Megatrends in Healthcare IT Healthcare: 10 Megatrends that will Affect Your Life Healthcare Megatrends


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