Management will definitely benefit in my professional

Management Methods and Leadership is one subject that
has always fascinated me in learning the tactics and qualities about management
and becoming a prominent successful leader, which will help me in reaching
greater heights in my professional life.

Being involved in group exercises with real time
examples and situations has definitely made me familiar with situations that
could arise at work place. It is here that I learnt that everyone’s perspective
matters which will help in strong team building as we were able to play
different roles and characters for example being part of the Board meeting in
promoting candidates, team work, decision making and so on.

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Learnings from these classes and exercises conducted
will definitely benefit in my professional life as I have found that I can now
speak confidently in public, be a better team player, show a strong sense of
confidence while presenting, improve my listening skills, asking questions when
needed, have convincing and effective negotiation skills, applying the concepts
learnt in the class, how to deal with conflicts of interests within the team,
using an appropriate and convincing way of communication and more importantly
valuing ones’ interests.

Some of the core learning points from the sessions are
as below:

Having the right attitude.

Conducting self-evaluation, proactive
personality and self-monitoring is a must to-do for my personal assertiveness.

To become a successful manager, one needs to
understand the 4 contextual factors that relate to team performance such as the
adequate resources, leadership and structures, climate of trust and a
performance evaluation that will help me in leading a team in any organization.

Proper Decision making

Practicing “You-message and I-message” is
something that all of us need while communicating as it can define one’s notion
to show himself as a perfect person.

Being a transformational leader where leadership
is all about being creative, effective, encouraging, someone who is ready to
take responsibilities and being charismatic.

Understanding integrative bargaining while
focusing on the 5 steps of negotiation process.

Going through all of my reflections, I have noticed
that my way of thinking is improved, given me knowledge about handling managemental
work which can come in handy when needed.

Learning this subject has culminated an interest in IT
Project Management which I foresee as a career path that I might choose. Being
able to learn these objectives was always of my interests and having them
implied in real life will be a sheer pleasure. One can always look back to this
subject be it in personal or professional life as it has values that one needs
in their day to day life. I always had
the short-term view when it came to managing business that implied in making
bad decisions. But learning on how to make a perfect decision is a big taken
and something that I would have it implied all my life.


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