The concept of risk in essential to change, innovation and the uccess of the organisation as you have to take a gamble at wether your change is going to be a success for your company.

There is no risk without change and no change without risk. They come hand in hand. What is your organisation’s attitude toward failure, mistakes and/or lack of success at the organisational level and the personal or individual level? Organisational level: The attitude toward failure or mistakes is a positive one.

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You record what happened, what went wrong and what we could do better as a whole organisation next time.Personal/lndividual level: The attitude toward failure or mistakes on a personal level is also a positive one. You self evaluate and make a new goal for yourself and try and better your individual outcome next time. How does this make you feel with regard to making suggestions, proposing new ideas or attempting to develop new products, services or markets? Seeing as the attitude towards mistakes is a positive one, it makes me feel as though I can voice my opinions and not have to worry too much about failure.

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