Male Brain vs. Female Brain essay

That HAS to be a problem. Women have to have a million things going on at all times for some god-awful reason. But this is such a benefit to the workforce in a number of ways. One, we as women are very good at multi-tasking since our brains are constantly doing it for us. We can manage multiple situations at one time without the stress because we can organize the problems in our minds. We think outside of the “single boxes” that men have set in their brains. We can take all experience, whether personal or external and apply it to the issue at hand.

Where this can cause a slight downfall is when woman’s emotions start becoming a negative quality. When you as a manager, a leader, or just an employee become too emotional or too soft’, you can be easily manipulated. But that is not to say that having strong feelings is a bad thing. Being passionate about something can cause an increase in drive, determination, and work productivity not just for you, but also for those that work around you. Women can relate to their employees by engaging them at a more personal, emotional level then men. Men aren’t ALL that bad though.

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The best part about a man’s brain when it comes to the workplace is that it is precise, direct, and to the point. This means that any decisions that have to be made will be made without any motional connection or without a million consequences and ‘What if’s” popping into your head. Men are much more impulsive. They will be more likely to tell it like it is than a woman would. They are also very good at being involved with a task. With their ‘little boxes” they are able to pull one of them out and focus just on the particular task at hand.

All and all, I think that as far as the workplace is concerned, both men and women bring different, yet equally important assets to the table. My group got into some really detailed discussion just about women and men in general. Now days, it is becoming wrong or “bad” that there are still retain stigmas associated with men and women. That women like pink and men like blue, that guys like trucks and girls like dolls, that girls like dresses and boys like basketball shorts. To me, this is not such a bad thing.

I am personally a very girl girl. I had an extensive, rather impressive, collection of baby dolls when was little, my favorite color is pink and I am a cheerleader. All pretty typical “girl” if you ask me. But I love that about myself and I embrace it. Whether we like it or not, we are designed a certain way. Girls have estrogen and men have testosterone. This entails that there are innate raids that relate with our gender that are out of our control. Our genetic make up is what signifies our sex.

Now whether you grow up relating more to feminine things as a male or vise versa, you are still born being the gender tattoo are. I know as a female, would strive in the workplace as a leader because I can find the balance between being an authority figure and a friend. Was the captain of my 32 girl cheerleaders squad all throughout my high school career and loved it. Those girls were my best friends but when the time was right, when we had a job to get done, then they were able to flip the switch and take me more seriously. That is what I would enforce and embrace when leading in a place Of work.

Trying to avoid letting personal opinion, agenda, or emotions into my decision-making will be a challenge but no matter if I am a female or a male, will get the job done in a timely, effective, efficient manner. While watching this video, you can say that you disagree that not ALL men don’t let emotion get in the way or that not ALL women are stressed out and spastic, but for the most part what he was saying, in general, was spot on. I actually watched other speeches that he gave because I was super intrigued by him and really enjoyed his opinions!

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