Malcolm consciousness” of African Americans. In February

Malcolm X noted that he was still Muslim and will continue to teach the Nation’s teachings. He taught that black people were superior to white people and that they were a race of devils. He began speaking at meetings of Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the organization of Afro-American Unity. Malcolm was one of the most desired speakers on college campuses. He said that he was going to organize a Black Nationalist organization that would try to “heighten the political consciousness” of African Americans. In February 1964-February 1965, the Nation of Islam imposed threats on Malcolm X. A member of Temple Number Seven was ordered by the Islamic Nation to wire explosives to Malcolm’s car. Later, Elijah Muhammad told Boston minister Louis X that “hypocrites like Malcolm should have their heads cut off.” One of Muhammad’s aids said, “Anyone who opposes the Honorable Elijah Muhammad puts their life in jeopardy.” On June 8, a man called Malcolm’s home and threatened to “tell him he’s as good as dead.” On June 12, an FBI agent received a phone call from someone who said “Malcolm X is going to be bumped off.” On April 13, 1964-February 5, 1965 Malcolm took a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He said that the trip made him realize that even Muslims of different races could interact as equals. On the trip he said he met “blonde-haired, blue-eyed men I could call my brothers.” As he returned to the states, he hoped to see a brighter future on integration. Instead of being pro-war for African Americans, he now spoke for all races. In June 1964, the Islamic Nation sued to reclaim Malcolm’s home in New York, which they claimed to own. The suit went through and Malcolm X was ordered to evacuate. On February 14, 1965, Malcolm’s house was burned down. Nobody was injured and nobody was charged with crime. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated in Manhattan’s Audubon ballroom. He was speaking in a meeting for the Organization of Afro-American Unity when an outbreak occurred in the crowd. A man yelled, “Nigger! Get your hand outta my pocket!” As Malcolm tried to create peace within the crowd, a man shot him in the chest. Two other men on stage shot him 16 times. Shortly after arrival at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Malcolm X was pronounced dead. Eyewitnesses identified two more suspects that were members of the Islamic Nation. Today Malcolm X is greatly remembered for his Black Power!

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