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An average of 100 babies are abandoned a year, based on reports filed with the police.

Babies dumped in churches, mosques, temples, toilet bowls, rubbish dumps and abandoned. Mostly, babies are dumped by unwed mothers and under-aged girls who are young, naive, immature and frightened. The pregnant girls find themselves in a difficult situation.

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Most dump the babies for fear of being disowned by their families. Steps have to be taken to remedy this situation.So in this blob we will discuss about this issue, including research objective and research question. INSULARITY : So for our first objective is find out and explain meaning of baby dumping. Baby dumping can be defined as rejecting and throwing a baby away immediately after birth and exposing it to danger and death. The definition is supported by the constitution, which demands respect for the right to life, right for children to be care for by their parents and the right to human dignity.

At 20 March 2011 data:18, BABY DUMPING said…NOR MAMMALIAN : In my opinion baby dumping also can be defined as a whoring their baby after birth at garbage, toilet, river or someplace like that which can give effect and risk to that baby. Data March 2011 data:23, BABY DUMPING said.

.. FATALISM : Good opinion nanny and mammalian. I think all of us already understand about meaning of baby dumping and it’s better if all of us continue with our second objective.

At 20 March 2011 26th, BABY DUMPING said… SASHIMI : I agree with you fatalism. As nanny said before, an average of 100 babies are abandoned a year, based on reports filed with the police. Ant live that and it was very embarrassing. What about the number disposed of without a trace? It also does not take into account the number of abortions in private clinics. However, this year, I’ve seen on television and newspaper that baby dumping has somehow become acceptable by society, and we’ve got to stop it.

Before that, we must know “who are the Perpetrators of baby dumping’. Data March 2011 data:35, BABY DUMPING said..

. INSTILL ALKALI : Right sashimi, before we discuss about that we must find out who are the perpetrators of baby dumping.In my opinion truly I believe babies are dumped by unwed mothers and under-aged girls who are young, naive, immature and frightened and don’t you think that dumped babies, are usually a product or result of unplanned pregnancy by unmarried girls? The way I see it, these unmarried couples are taking the easy and yet inhumane way out and by leaving the responsibility to society. At 20 March 2011 tog:49, BABY DUMPING said.

.. NOR MAMMALIAN : But nanny, how about cases in Penman, police have also arrested 25 years old woman on a murder charge for allegedly dumping her newborn baby into a toilet.She was also reported to the police by her employer after they found a dead baby in a toilet, that’s means babies not only dumped by unwanted mothers and under-aged girls who are young, naive and immature. Data March 2011 at 10:03, BABY DUMPING said… INURING JINNI : Really mammalian? Ooh,l make mistake in my analysis about who are the perpetrators of baby dumping,but almost cases involved young girl right? Besides that, men irresponsibility because her boyfriend did not want the child) also contributes to the women’s decision to dumped their baby.

So it’s not fair to blame baby’s mother only, because men (baby’s father) also a good reason why that issue happened and men (boyfriend) also one’s of the perpetrators of baby dumping. Data March 2011 at 10:06, BABY DUMPING said… FATALISM : Nanny, mammalian and sashimi, for your information not only mother and father involved in ‘who are the perpetrators of baby dumping’ because family and society (refer to communities) also contribute with that cases. Let happen when the cases (baby dumping) are attributed to stigma where due to tradition and religion, pregnancy before marriage is negatively received.F-implies and communities struggle to accept the pregnant girl and it is such rejection that drives some women to dumping their newly born chi lilied.

At 20 March 2011 at 10:29, BABY DUMPING said… SASHIMI : I agree with you,fatalism.

But I want to add some information about who are the perpetrators of baby dumping by stranger. Stranger also one’s of the perpetrators of baby dumping because normally the case among rape teenagers by stranger always happened and they keep this case rape as a secret. When pregnant and born the baby they choose to dump their baby to love this problem lonely. Data March 2011 at 10:37, BABY DUMPING said.

..NOR MAMMALIAN : You’re right sashimi and it also can related to the issue in Asked which student was rape by the stranger when go back for a holiday but she didn’t report that incident to her families and police. That incident (rape) causes that student pregnant without anyone else know. However, the student secret giving birth to child out of wedlock uncovered when she complained have stomach ache before their teacher bring her to the hospital and doctor decided she’s actually didn’t have stomach ache but new give birth ND after being persuaded of her teacher and doctor, she’s finally admitted childbirth and throw her baby behind school.So from that case we know, the perpetrators of baby dumping not only herself refer to mother babies but the stranger.

At 20 March 2011 at 10:50, BABY DUMPING said… INURN-JELL NANNY : Besides that, the guilty are not only the man and woman who created the baby, but all those who know what’s going on, but just keep silent.

Come on, in the 9 months that the mother is carrying the baby, surely everyone knows what going on, especially after the baby suddenly disappear after birth. How easy is it to keep such a thing a secret? o think about that.. At 20 March 2011 at 10:56, BABY DUMPING said.

.. SASHIMI Ooh really? Because before this tough only women who throw the baby are the perpetrators. After discuss this know the real perpetrators. I agree all the perpetrators of baby dumping.

I think this idea is good. So, we can’t blame only one person especially women refer to who throw the baby. At 20 March 2011 TTL 1:05, BABY DUMPING said..

. FATALISM : So we must prevent this cases include find who are that baby’s father’s.

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