Making care or support. Choices can only

Making choices to promote the dignity of all individuals they should be fully involved in any decision that affects their care, including personal decisions (such as what to eat, what to wear and what time to go to bed), and wider decisions about their care or support. Choices can only be made if people have information. If they know the options, the risks and possible implications they can make the choice that is right for them. For example, Mr K is self caring but need reminding of activities and upcoming appointments due to short term memory loss. He like to have his breakfast in his room and would have a cooked breakfast daily except on the weekends which he only have toast and coffee as requested. The staffs usually serve him breakfast between 07:30am and 08:00am.

Mr K would like staff to wake him up when the breakfast served to his room. After breakfast, he prefers to stay in bed sleeping until mid morning and would like to be woken by staff just before lunch time. He then would wash and dress himself unless he bath or shower which he will need help with. This is the routine Mr K like to do daily and by following his preferences we make sure that we are respecting his independence and choice.

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