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MAKE ME     It is one one of the Jack Reacher thrillers. In a movie, Actor Tom Cruise played as Jack Reacher, which created a zeal in me to take up this book to read. As I expected, this is such an extraordinary thriller from one of the world’s leading thriller writers LEE CHILD.

As a matter of fact, one of his novels featuring Jack Reacher is sold somewhere in  the qorld every twenty seconds, and this info carried me away.      When it comes to this particular novel, the story begins with a deah of an independent detective, Mr. Keever. The author takes a break here, and there comes our hero, the lone wolf, JACK REACHER. He comes to get down at a place called The Mother ‘s  Rest, only because the name of the place intrigued him. Here starts the adventure of our hero. He then gets to know a detective named Chang, who have been desperately waiting to meet her co-worker Mr. Keever.

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They get hooked up as Reacher finds her case interesting. Now, the two of them got nothing but a cryptic note about two hundred deaths and a small town full of silent, watchful people. The story revolves around a theory regarding a sea of nearly-ripe wheat. In between, Reacher tries to throw light on the off-screen reason behind the name Mother’s Rest.

      The context,” there are weird names all over the country. Why single out Mother’s Rest in a nation with towns called Why and Whynot, and accident and peculiar, and Santa Clause and no name? “, would never fail to put a smile on our face. The author placed this place in a central place because it plays a vital role in the plot of the story when it comes to the major victim, Michael mcCann, who paved a way for the death of Keever.        The author had a knack in changing the storyline from a town like the Mother’s Rest to the city like California. Yes, the story now travels to California, and the subject ‘wheat’ now takes up a gigantic shape of ‘deep – web’.

Hence, from the silent people, the story evolves to to introduce the technology (illegal) called the Under-net. They call it a great onion route as it comprises a number of deep and deep and deep layers. Now, the story comes to rest with a journalist, Westwood , the author did not seem to miss giving us miniature information regarding the places and people as he tends to show the two contrast locations for the opening and climax.     This novel requires a great deal of concentration to understand the story as it is mostly of conversational pattern. There are a quite large number of characters and none of them is less important. The author greatly impressed me by introducing fascinating terms of words like ‘the happiness meter’ with which we can measure our happiness, well, mine ranging from 2 to 9 by the way. There is someone in the story, whose happiness meter always stuck in zero, that is no one but our victim, Michael mcCann.

Now the story starts revolving around who he was and what he was doing.    All, I can tell about the book is, its a thriller which makes us nailed to ours seats by our hero’s hair-raising, heart-pounding adventure. P. S. I am unable to note down the climax scene because I am still contemplating the book.   The adventure of Jack Reacher continues.


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