Maggie make it as her friend like

Maggie and Milly and Molly and May1. a. The middle four couplets of this poem deal with the characters of each girl that have been the title of Cumming's poem. Those couplets depict the characters of Maggie, Milly, Molly, and May.b. In my opinion, by placing a shell near with our ear, we can hear sounds like the sound of ocean. So, we may say that a shell sing by producing sounds like the sound of ocean.

c. Stranded fish is a starfish that stranded at sea shore.2. The answers of 2a and 2b are not be separated as follows:a.

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Maggie found a shell that sang so sweetly she couldn't remember her problems. It means that by hearing the shell's singing, she could forget all of her troubles easily. It depicts that Maggie is an easy going person.b.

Milly found a stranded star that has five languid fingers. Stranded star means a starfish. After finding that starfish, she made it as her friends. By knowing that a starfish has five languid fingers, it can be said that she is a humble person and she likes making friendship with others even with an animal like a starfish.c. Molly found a horrible thing that raced sideways and blowing bubbles. It may be said that she found a "crab" that was chasing her.

Then, it can be known that she is afraid of something new that may be she never meets. She has a character as a person who has limited bravery to know something. She is a timid person.d.

May found a stone but she just brought it into her home without having a willing to make it as her friend like Maggie. She has no satisfaction with what she has found. In the other hand, it makes her always feels alone although the others have come to her.

She feels that she.

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