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Mace Macro, part of the Mace Group (an organisation offering project management and consultancy services internationally), is a wholly owned subsidiary specialising in the field of facilities management. Established in 2002, Macro emerged naturally to compliment the construction and property services which were currently provided by Mace. Prior to this, Mace had been offering various levels of facilities management from the 1990’s but more as a support service as opposed to a self-operating separate activity.

An example of this would be the request to assist in mobilising the required support services for the new HQ of British Airways. Mace had managed the construction and handover process and was seen as the natural choice to oversee the handover to a service provider. The British Airways project was a catalyst, with other clients keen to engage Mace to assist with a number of issues relating to the management of their properties. This provided evidence that there was a gap in the market for a company specialising in this particular field, which lead to the creation of Macro. This formation was able to amalgamate the knowledge and experience of management teams with the understanding of the clients’ needs.

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As a result of some carefully calculated purchasing in London (FM24), Scotland (FIMS) and the north of England (Maxim), and the successful completion of some prominent projects, Macro was able to establish its standing in the industry within a relatively short period of time. Macro Timeline Highlights1. September 2002 – Macro established2. 2004 – First international engagement – providing consultancy to JBR, Dubai3. February 2008 – Invesco provides Macro with the first opportunity for overseas engagement from a UK based engagement4.

March/April 2008 – Macro opens in the Middle East, beginning its international consultancy services, for Emaar’s Old Town Island project5. May 2008 – In its inaugural year Macro is announced as the FM Middle East awards, Consultant of the year. This success was followed by being the recipient of the award for a further 5 consecutive years, 209 – 2013, then again in 2016 and 2017 6. Sept 2009 – Following the Invesco overseas engagement is expanded to 26 North American locations.

Macro expands its Middle East presence by commencing operations in both KSA and Qatar 7. 2011 – Macro awarded its largest contract, the supervision of FM services to more than 3,500 buildings in Abu Dhabi. Macro begins operations in India The establishment of Macro, firstly domestically and then expanding internationally, was not a decision taken lightly.

A significant investment was required. In 2008, an initial CAPEX (capital expenditure) to allow the Middle East commencement of Mace Macro International was circa £150k, with an OPEX (operating expenditure) anticipated to be £300k. A total primary investment of nearly half a million pounds. The 2010 Mace Group financial statement provided the initial audited accounts which were inclusive of Macro.

The reported turnover, for Macro International, for the period 2008-2009, was £840k. Building on that solid beginning, year on year, a significant growth has been shown for the international business, with 2015 returning a £23,2m turnover solely for the Middle East. Based on these figures, a considerable increase is expected in the 2017 accounts, which are due for publication mid-2018.

When combining both the domestic and international markets, a global turnover of £76.6m was generated. The Mace Financial Report (2015), is freely available to the public.The Mace Group is currently present in 50 countries (Fig. 1) whilst Macro now has operations established on 4 continents: North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, operating in 23 countries offering a variety of services to an equally variant client portfolio.Fig.

1 Macro currently directly employs 681 people; this includes the UK and international operations. A recent financial status for Macro is shown in Fig. 2 below. This chart indicates total turnover and the respective turnover for each of the individual business stream.

The total profit for the period is also shown.


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