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Essay title: Macbeth Play

Throughout the play Macbeth Macbeth and Lady Macbeth go back and forth regretting the regicide and convincing the other that it has to be done. He has to deal with the pressure of his wife, and the pull of his conscience.The initial instigator was, of course, the wife, Lady Macbeth.

Who after finding out that her husband was destined to become king decided to speed up the process a little by murdering the current kind Duncan.The beginning of this tragedy shows Macbeth receiving a view into the future by a trio of witches.They say "All hail, Macbeth, that shall be king hereafter!"(Act I, III, 50)The witches were correct in their prediction that Macbeth will soon become king. Macbeth takes no heed to the witches' prediction until he tells Lady Macbeth about his meeting with the witches and she convinces him that it is his destiny to be king and he should pursue his destiny, no matter what it takes.

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In her monologue at the beginning of scene V in act one Lady Macbeth lays out her plans, including her plan to convince her husband to commit the regicide.She says "Art not without ambition, but with out/The illness should attend It."(Act I, V, 19-20) meaning that he has enough ambition to make himself become king; he just needs the wickedness to back his ambitions.She also says that once he has done the deed he should not wish it undone, this statement is found to be false later in the play.Lady Macbeth tries to summon courage by asking the spirits to "unsex" her and "take her milk for gall".

She uses her new found strength to tell her husband to look as the innocent flower but be the serpent underneath it. The Macbeths begin their plan by allowing the servants to partake in the festivities of the night leaving no one with the capability to accurately witness.

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