I selected her as a model of leadership because of her ability to lead the hare for woman’s suffrage and gain true independence in an era with limited women’s rights. In terms Of leadership attributes, Lucy Stone is interesting because her leadership moved through fazes or shifted as her life changed, but she always demonstrated a clear leadership style. Early in her life, as she fought for women’s rights and her independence, she demonstrated an autocratic leadership style. The features of an Autocratic style are that the individual leader is directive, strong, and controlling in relationships.For example, she pursued a college education, even when it as socially discouraged, and became the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a full bachelor’s degree (A&E, 2015). She also took charge in her marital relationship, demanding equal terms, including rights to her own property, and providing half the support for the household, financially, while active speaking out for women to have equal rights (Million, 2003). However, as the women’s suffrage movement began to grow, her leadership attributes changed to fit both the changes in the movement and the changes in her life, becoming much more democratic in nature.

She collaborated not only with other known leaders in the movement like Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and others, but also with state and local political leaders effecting changes in, or amendments to, the constitutions to provide women with rights and protections under the law (Blackwell, 1930). Finally, after the birth of her daughter, Lucy Stone realized should could not take the same meeting and speaking engagements that she had previous to motherhood, and as a result her leadership style changed again (Million, 2003). She moved into a more Laissez-fairer style role.While she was still passionate about the cause, she abdicated authority to Susan B Anthony and Thomas Hitherto Higgins, predominately, allowing them to plan the National Women’s Rights Convention and other major movement activities (Million, 2003). As a result of this leadership her major accomplishments included being the first woman to accomplish several goals in a man’s world, including making more than $16 a month teaching, organizing the first women’s rights convention, created published forums for women’s rights writing, and establishing laws that gave women extended rights (Million, 2003).

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Lucy Stone was an early American leader, who was willing to fight, outlook, for women’s rights, abolition, and civil equality. She was willing to break new ground, and stand against what she saw as unfair practices and unequal representation under the law. Though others are, today, often more remembered, the reality is that without Lucy, these causes might never have gained the momentum to reach their goals. Her choices, both personally and professionally, were based on the strong belief that she could and should be able to live a life that was independent of man’s control.

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