Essay priced market. It is either high

Essay title: L’oreal Case

• Synergy’s skin care market volume has increased for the past 5 quarters.

With an annual rate of 12 percent and 16 percent in dollar sales. • Synergy’s market hasn’t been explored much. Other companies offer either 1 to 2 products. Or they offer high end products that are not mass marketed. There isn’t a middle priced market. It is either high end or low end.• Belle Couleur is the market leader in France.

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With 22 different shades to choose from. • The hair coloring market has increase has nearly doubled since 1986 to 1989 and is still rising.• Belle Couleur is the main competition for middle price hair color.

Weaknesses: • People might not associate that Belle Couleur and Synergie are product extensions of the great and trusting company L’Oreal.• It is priced slightly higher than the lower priced products but is overall a better product for the price. It is priced in the middle of cosmetics.

• People could be brand sensitive and scared of changing from the product they already use. • With Belle Couleur hair die was tested differently when it was made. French women have darker hair then Dutch women therefore different outcomes in hair color will show up. Opportunities:• A new market for hair coloring.

Which is great since it is becoming dramatically popular through out the world. • Introduce different types of hair coloring products for different types of hair. For example hair type and thickness.

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