Lord island has become a democratic place which

Lord of the FliesLord of the Flies By William Golding is based off the theme of savagery and also takes a look at civilization and fighting. The story takes place on a island out in the middle of the ocean, where are two characters named Jack and Ralph who show leadership and savagery. This affected the boys throughout the story as they begin there friendship and take on many challenges. I think that these types of things still happen in today’s society. The theme of savagery is first shown by symbol of the conch shell and Ralph is given it to lead the boys back home.

This symbolises control among the boys. At the first meeting Ralph says “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak and he won’t be interrupted”. This proposes that Ralph is giving each boy an equal opinion. So whoever has to conch be able to speak and listened to by everyone. The island has become a democratic place which shows a well mannered side to them as they try to copy the homes they have just be taken from.

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Jack is is ugly he is tall, skinny and has hair that is red. He also has freckles a Jack is portrayed as vicious, arrogant, and a savage from the start of the novel. Jack is consumed with hunting even if he threatens the other boys because he knows it will impresses the boys. Jack’s interest for power is an key part of his character in the book.

Jack supports the rules the boys had made, like the conch giving its holder the privilege to speak. I strongly believe jack is not civilized and likes do do things on his own. Jack also symbolizes savagery and the desire for power. In conclusion, Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a book where the theme of savagery and civilisation is shown. Ralph shows civilisation as wants to put rules and let everyone have an fair say.

Where as Jack, who represents savagery as he reigns over the other boys and is not interested in what boys have to say. Through the there actions Golding shows us that we must have rules and impose them to keep society functions properly.


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