Looking for Alaska Personal Response essay

I was really shocked and surprised how much the girl Alaskan emotions hanged throughout the novel she will be super happy and joyful one minute and the next she will be horrible and angry.

There is a part in the novel where Miles, Alaska and The Colonel are all in Alaskan room, getting drunk and talking and just having a good old laugh with each other. Alaska is so happy nothing bringing down what she feels. But then she receives a phone call and after that she comes storming back into her room, crying and crying and extremely angry and annoyed and then abruptly left in her car without speaking a single word.And then something invisible snapped insider her, and that which had come together was falling apart. ” find it really upsetting that people with this disorder can’t control their own emotions and what they do with them and that there moods just change in a second, kind of helpless. Alaska is most likely bipolar as her moods change faster than anything and she has extreme mood swings and constantly changes how she feels about herself and others. This kind of behavior from her reminds me of how a lot of teenagers in society today suffer from mental illnesses like depression or bipolar disease.Bipolar disorder is a serious brain illness where people go through weird and unexpected mood changes.

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Sometimes they feel very happy or over the moon and are much more active than usual, and then sometimes people just go from being that happy to feeling very sad and down which is called depression and very low self-esteem, some even feel isolated from the rest of the world. Luckily these diseases can be treated and cared for but sometimes it gets as bad as when the person thinks that there is now way out and alone. While Alaska was driving in her car she hit a truck and was unfortunately killed.People thought it was a sign of suicide.

Suicide is increasing rapidly in society today. Not many people are aware of how suicide can affect not just yourself, but friends and family as well. There are so many helpline are out there, people just need to not be scared and reach out. Unfortunately this was what happened to Alaska and she was gone before anyone could do anything about it.

I was really enjoyed reading about the character Miles Halter in the novel because he was so interesting as he always had a good attitude and always looked on the bright side Of life.In the novel Miles was always the one who checked to see if his friends were okay and always asked if anyone needed help and he always saw the positives in everything even starting a new school which is always nerve racking. An example of this is when Miles was moving schools and kept getting asked the same question as to why he was moving and people kept on telling him “It would just be easier to stay back in Florida. ” He simply responded with his favorite last word from François Rabble’s, “François Rabble’s.

He was a poet. And his last words were “l go to seek a Great Perhaps. That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until die to start seeking a Great Perhaps. ” He wanted to start enjoying his life as soon as he could as he didn’t want to waste any time. He always tried to find something positive in every bad situation instead of being negative about the whole thing. .He didn’t want to accept things the way that they came across to be like if they were bad.

For example when Alaska dies he didn’t want to believe that it could have been suicide. He thought about it carefully and created in his mind that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was an accident.Miles really had no choice than to think positively in most situations, it was either that or he could think the worst of everything and if he did that he wouldn’t be living life to the fullest and his life wouldn’t be as good as hoped, By him always thinking positively it was always keeping his hopes high and he had a better outlook on life. Miles reminds me of how some people are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or brain damage and that they are so positive even though there whole world has been turned upside down and is different now.I know one of my friends who has a family member who has breast cancer but she doesn’t look on the bad side of it she is always so positive, which I can tell that a positive attitude definitely helps as its better than having a negative attitude. Helps you have a better mind frame.

No one really knows the answer to how or why a positive attitude helps people recover faster from surgery or cope better with diseases but can see myself that being positive is lot better to cure than being negative as being positive Evidence suggests that these effects may have something to do with the mind’s power over the immune system.Having a positive attitude toward life makes you more likely to take better care of yourself and have a better outlook on life. In conclusion looking for Alaska is an inspiring story, with a shocking twists and endless life lessons. It shows the ins and outs of true friendship and whatnot have to do for each other in times of need. It is an amazing read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone as it shows true life lessons.

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