Long seems perfect and men are not anymore

Long ago before the
television it was the radio. Families gathered together in the afternoon, on
Sunday’s lunch waiting patiently for the latest news and for the entertainment
programs. Music, quizzes, children programs, sports and different kind of
stories (comedy, thriller, soap opera, drama etc.). One of the most depictive in
radio history could be the radio play “War of Worlds” by Orson Welles. The
story was set in 1938, present of that time, in New Jersey. The way the sound
was used made the fictional story felt so real that a specific number of people
believed that story about the invasion of the Martians on earth and panicked.
This is one of the reasons why the radio referred as the “theater of mind”.
Just for the record, later on, Welles made his first Hollywood film, Citizen
Kane, which considered the best film ever made. Sports, drama, news, mystery,
quiz shows and many more have been provided through radio. That’s make it
easier for television which borrowed all these concepts, with only a few new
adds, offering just a little new or different in the beginning of the
television’s broadcasting. Moreover, the content, the structure, the control by
the government and the taxes are some of the radio features that adjusted also
to the television. Both industries were and are driven by advertising revenues,
which entails the significance of measuring the size of the audience. In the
early 1950s television was a sign of luxury. Families gathering to watch family
comedies, an extremely popular habit at the time, making the whole experience
very special and unique. In that kind of shows, the proper family type was
reflected. Men returning from work with their wives waiting for them in home,
which is already cleaned, with the roast in the oven. TV series were like shows
with happy ending. Even there was a conflict between the couple, at the end
they would get over it and they would live happily ever after. On the other
hand, nowadays, those “perfectly made” programs have been dethroned by reality
TV shows. Viewers prefer to watch people who are just like them, not perfect.
Furthermore, reality shows are easy and cheap in production because of the lack
of professionals. Just ordinary people who act crazy in many cases with no
sense of dignity and decency. Since the 1950s the family model has changed to a
great extent. Women are not portrayed anymore as glamorous wives who do
everything seems perfect and men are not anymore the bosses of a big firm. All
types of scenarios are possible. Dysfunctional children, different
relationships and marriages far from the prototypes contribute to the end of
the” happy family”. All of this complexity in the storyline entails longer
story length which also implies benefits for the commercial industry.



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