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Learning a new language is easy for students but to me, that is a whole new concept. I don’t know why student, business people think that learning a new language is easy but, think that maybe they study the language, write down some phrases and sentences from it, or when they have a chance to talk with someone that already know it. But to some people, there are three reasons why they think that are they got it the first time, they just don’t want to learn it, and they think that it is wasting their time.

First thing why does people think learning a new language is easy are they got it the first time. The reason is they already know it. What I mean that they heard from other talk in new language or they learn from school and when the teacher gives out homework, they just ask their friends and family for the answer not even try a single problem. The second reason is that they think it is super easy to learn it like a flash. but, it is not that easy to learn, like any other things. For example, learning to play any kind of sport is not easy. Every athlete starts off as an average normal person with normal skill and if they want to get good at a sport, they practice day and night every day, so they become good at what they are doing. The last reason whenever they have homework, they just ask for help from their friends and family. They want to learn not by studying, but by learning from their friends and family.

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Why do they think that learning a new language is easy? They don’t want to learn it. The reason behind it is they think that it is not important at all. What I meant is that they think the language doesn’t have any use or value to them. If they learn it, they don’t know what to do with the language. But to me, a new language is like a treasure that is worth the await. Language is important to me because what if I go to a new country, state, or a city. Then, I can use that language to speak with the citizens of the area. For example, I’m learning Korean right now, and Korean is like a treasure and I really want to travel to South Korea. The language Korean might come in handy if I want to speak with Korean people. People don’t like that language and want to learn a different language. They think that the first language doesn’t satisfy them so they learn a different language. But to me, I would never ever do that because first of all, I like Korean language. Whenever I hear Korean people talking, I can’t resist against it, like it is pulling me in. It gets me all fired up to somehow learn Korean language. The language they learn is too hard for them. That will happen almost to every person in the world, including me. Know learning Korean is hard for me but I would never ever want to learn a different language because Korean is my favorite language of all. When I was in high school, I got to learn Korean and I was so happy. My Korean teacher gave out homework, and I do it all by myself without no one helping me because everyone in my family does not know Korean. I had to take the problem into my own hands. Even if the problem is a bit hard, I get out all the notes and vocabulary and place it next to me so when the problem came, I knew what to do with it.

Third thing why they think learning a new language is easy is they think it wasting their time. The reason behind is they want to spend that time of learning on something else more important or do something else. What I mean by that people spend their time to sleeping, playing video games, watching tv, playing sports outdoor, and go hanging out with friends at the mall, instead of learning and master the language. I don’t use my time to learn and study Korean for something else. I’m not that kind of person. I’m more of the guy who never does anything other than study because I really want to master the language. But at least I try and that’s better than nothing. In the end, I know a little bit more Korean than I did in the beginning. I’m a hardworking person who never gives up on a thing in life. Speaking of giving up, that is the next reason is they give up on their goals and dream. To me, that is impossible. I’m not a person that gives up easily on things even when the obstacle is mastering language Korean. But to some people, that could be too difficult for them, and they don’t understand at all. They just put language on the side and never ever look back. That could happen to anyone, including me too. But only sometimes, not very often. I do look back at my notes, quizzes, tests, projects that I did during my high school year. That year gave me a lot of memories. Most of them in their Korean class that I took, and I will never forget about them.

Overall, I think people think learning a new language is easy are they got it the first time, they just don’t want to learn it, and they think that it is wasting their time. If they approach it this way, then they will never achieve their goals and dreams in life. Take these wise words from me. They will help you in real life. These words are “Don’t give up on life even when it throws a curve ball at you”, “If you don’t succeed, then try, try, try again, don’t give up”. I do follow these wise words. These are words that my mom uses, and I follow them too. I always look up to my mom as a role model. I hope that these words will help you to succeed in life because these word or phrases will get you far in life, and in your future. Hopefully, you will take my advice and go far in life. One last piece of advice to you, and this is important so listen very carefully. The advice is “Don’t give up no matter how hard the obstacle is, just know that you will succeed if you pass the obstacle”.


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