Lithuania But this rule didn’t outlast too long.

Lithuania and It’s Patriotic Souls

A country is said to exist when it could follow its
roots through the state, in which it connects itself within histories. Also,
the social elites must be set up and knowledgeable in composing and talking
their own national language and their evolution through times. It’s no doubt
Lithuania fits in these criteria. I’m honoured to give a little insight of
Lithuania. Lithuania is a little spot of land that’s is close to Baltic Sea.
It’s not all that easy to see it on the guide, among vast, rich and prosperous
other European nations. I have no doubt that Lithuania is an exceptionally
delightful nation and it has a rich history.

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The Lithuanian national anthem was written and
composed by Dr Vincas Kudirka. Indeed, it was a poem that was named as
“National Hymn”. It was published in the newspaper Varpas(Bell). This newspaper
was mostly concentrated on patriotic ideas, politics and arts (poems, Folklore
songs, etc.). Dr Kudrika had no intention for a poem to wind up to be
Lithuanian National Anthem. Lithuanians’ choose this poem as their National
anthem due to the fact this poem wasn’t just a poem it made them profoundly and
progressed towards becoming more love for their nation and they had the drive
to win their freedom. An unfortunate fact, Dr Kudrika couldn’t encounter the
Declaration of Independence and he didn’t know that his poem “National Hymn”
became the leading and powerful feeling of love for their own land.


 Before the independence of Lithuania, it was
prohibited to sing the poem out loud. But this rule didn’t outlast too long.
This poem was sung in front of him where he was almost dying.  This moment
was the cue for Lithuanians where it was emotionally caught their heart; where
not long ago they would whisper (“Lithuania: Our homeland”) in fear. Finally,
as a nation, they understood they must fight for it, where there was much of a
joy when they sang this poem out loud. This is the overlook of History of
Lithuanian’s National Anthem. (348 words in total)



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