List country are Financial and Insurance Services, Construction,

List of contentsEXECUTIVE SUMMARYWhat is provided in this report is an analysis of the commercial property for developments Pty Ltd and investments Pty Ltd to recommend them for development and investment. The reports also have been investigated on market, financial, taxation, the implication for doing feasibility studies. Method of this report includes economic situation in Australia and trend such as productivity. And in the following, considering in the particular area of the retail property. Other calculations include risk analysis to find the barriers which might come into attention in later stages. Following of this method, the various factors which might affect developments has been undertaken. Factors such as: taxation implication, cash flow schedule, and rental grows.

2.1 Summary of fact and conclusion 4.1 Australia’s EconomyAustralia has a high-developed economy, and the largest mixed market in the world . Also, it is located in the second level of wealthiest nation in terms of wealth per adult. This country had total wealth 8.9$ AUD trillion as of June 2016.

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What is more, Australia took the record for the largest run of GDP growth among the developed world with March 2017 financial quarter. The main industries for this country are Financial and Insurance Services, Construction, Healthcare and Social assistance, Mining, and Professional Scientific and Technical services and Manufacturing. According this high development economy of this country, it is a big chance for investment in the commercial properties.

Sources include: World Bank4.2 Socio-Economic conditions:This Property is located in East Melbourne , the property in which there is a combination of some areas such as government, health sector activity, and residential. In addition, it has one third of the jobs which are are in the category of healthcare, and social assistance. Moreover, there 5% all of jobs in this city and a 4% of all establishments. According to the job growth rate, in period of 2002 to 2016 the rate of growth was 23%.

In this area, there 24,365 local jobs, 601 establishments and 4750$ median rental price provided.Melbourne has a controvential role in contributing to the Victorian and Australian. It also has 25% of Victoria’s Gross State Product, and 6 % Australian Gross Domestic product.4.3 Employment rate in AustraliaThe rate of employment in Australia has been increases 0.1 percentages point from the previous month to 62 percent in the last month of 2017; the highest level since March 2012. This rate in Australia had the average of 58.88 percent from 1978 till 2017, which reached an all-time high of 62.

9 percent in April 2008 and record low of 54 percent in April 1983.ForecastingAs shown in the Trading Economics global macro models, it is expected that 62.06 percent is the rate of employment by the end of this quarter. The chart below, illustrate that, the Australia Employment Rate is projected to trend around 61.51 percent in 2020. SITE SELECTION AND DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL:5.

1 LocationThis property which is selected for the development is located on Richmond, which is in the Eastern part of City of Melbourne. This area is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District in the local government area of the City of Yarra municipality. The residential segment of the suburb exists in a lively retail sector. As shown in the 2016 Census listed Richmond’s population as 27,705.5.2 SiteThe site is located on 398 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC 3121.

The site accessibility is from Bridge Road. What is more, it is accessible through the Swan Street. This Site has three stations, which are Richmond Station, West Richmond, and East Richmond.5.

1 Site and building details:Land Area is 210 m²Building Area is 150 m²Lettable area is 2*150=300 m²The parking space is behind the buildingLocated in Greater Melbourne, RichmondZoned as C1Z by Commercial 1 Zone5.2 Proposed Development:There is a building in this site that has two levels with 300 m² lettable area. It is suitable for investigating to retail spaces. In addition, this property is located in the commercial zoning of the site and has fantastic chances for marketing. 5.

3 Town Planning Details:According to Commercial Zone 1 information, a schedule may apply under this zone to a planning scheme outside of metropolitan Melbourne. That schedule may:Specify the maximum leasable floor area for office Specify the maximum leasable floor area for shop (other than restricted retail premises)  5.5 Geographical features: The property is located in the Eastern part of Melbourne in the Richmond area which has a lot of density to retail and marketing. Moreover, this location is near to bellow significant place:The Yara Park that involve: Richmond Club Museum, Punt Road Oval, Melbourne Cricket Ground_1.8km , 5minEpworth Hospital Richmond _ 1.1 Km ,3min West Richmond Station _ 1.3 Km , 5 minFederation Square _ 3.3 Km  12minMelbourne CBD _ 4.7 km , 16 minRoyal Botanical Garden_ 3.5 Km, 10 minEast Richmond Station _2km , 7minRichmond Station_1.9 Km , 6 min


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