Lionel to 12-14 hours but received little pay

Lionel Reyes Social Studies 8 11/16/18 Period 7 Immigration DBQ In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the influx of immigrants entering the United States increased to heights never seen before due to the struggles that were in their home countries and the opportunities that were created in America. These events forever changed America. They led to new laws and benefits. Some of the pull factors that led immigrants to come to the United States were jobs, money, cheap land, and economic opportunities. Some push factors that drove immigrants away from their home countries were famine, little jobs, expensive land, and very little economic opportunities in general.

However, problems and challenges that immigrants faced when arriving here included little pay, child labor, and extremely exaggerated work hours. The immigrants that came to the United States worked for close to 12-14 hours but received little pay compared to the amount of work that they were doing. These were the many reasons that immigrants left their home countries and migrated to the United States. There were many push factors that drove immigrants out of their home countries and to eventually forever change America. Hard times and epidemics in Italy and Irish famine were reasons that immigrants came to the United States. The Irish famine Chinese immigration economic opportunity and anti-Semitism and draft in Russia were also notable push factors.

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(doc 1) For example Migrants also were also driven to America because of many reasons. Some of these included.


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