Like this and wanted to marry me regardless.

Like most guys at 25 I just wanted to get married even though I didnt have two pennies to rub together, times were really tough for me back then. Its been around 6 years since I got married. My wife came from a very wealthy background mashallah, I however did not.

My wife was very understanding with regards to this and wanted to marry me regardless. Alhamdulliah I got married in East London at a cost of 500. We arrived back to my parents house where we stayed for the next 2 years.

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As I mentioned earlier I had very little to my name, I couldnt afford a bed to sleep on, and I was stubborn to ask my parents for help. My brother had a spare used mattress which we decided to sleep on there wasnt a night I wouldnt complain about the springs pressing into my back. My wife fell pregnant shortly after marriage, the 9 months was especially hard for her as the mattress was very uncomfortable. She would never complain though, but I knew if it was hurting me, it was killing her.

I remember close to her due date, we both couldnt sleep due to our back pain, I remember her saying, Inshallah after Rumaisa our situation will change, and she will come with her Rizq and so will her siblings. . My sunflower Rumaisa was born and soon after my fortunate started to change literally overnight. My business started to do well I brought a bed and then had enough money to finally move out. A year later, Hafsah was born, prior to her birth I started another business that too started to do really well.

Mashallah. Then 2 years later, Ibrahim was born and he too came with his Rizq in the form of a 3rd business. Mashallah I shared this story because well, many times people forget that Allah is the Who gives Rizq and his supply is unlimited, all you have to do is ask.

I also wanted to point out the blessing of children if I could I would have 4 children every 9 months Children are an unbelievable blessing, regardless of your situation they come with their own Rizq, so dont worry about that, just keep them coming. And finally marrying a pious spouse makes the world of difference, my wife could have built 10 bed factories but she didnt want to live off her parents and was patient about her situation. So marry someone who loves Allah, in turn Allah will love her. I will leave you with a verse of the Noble Quran, ponder over it… And whoever fears Allah He will make for him a way out.

And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a decreed extent.652-3 T Mw cxYO_SFaeht0VK,W9Ox3Pxw-,7boVC _ NzWN tVy 3yRq_chwmK8f_6_Wxpjmb.YazT8 o7o2R_gsu rRu(9u(k0hoosM-k 5HsyC4TWq6gg4tI5kseK/t juup351sOYgiz SCcO6(dOkwWg3/ NO0tIEY_Mz kXZU.

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