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S Constitution modelitself. The Georgia constitution is a document that displays the three branchesof power in Georgia. Listed as The legislature also known as the Georgiageneral assembly helps create the laws of Georgia. The Judicial branchcultivates court cases. Last, the executive branch is in charge of enforcinglaws. The collaboration of these three powers helps form the Georgiaconstitution. Although there is a prolonging process in order to amend Georgiaconstitution.

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Thefirst procedure for creating the constitution of Georgia is that the state hasto propose an amendment at the chamber of assembly or House representatives.One they propose this amendment it must be approved by at least two-thirds ofthe members in all the chambers in order for it to be passed on to the nextphase. If it the proposed amendment is not able to achieve the least of ? ofvotes then it is killed and is no longer a discussion amongst the members. Thenext step is for the amendment to be voted during the same time as the generalelections, which occurs on only even-numbered years. If the bulk of the membersvote yes then the amendment would be ratified. If the majority of the membersvoted “no” than the amendment will no longer be up for discussion. After the voting’sare cast the amendment is then sent to the electorate.

According to Ballotpedia”The General Assembly is allowed to repeal a previous vote to put a proposedamendment on the ballot if they do so with a 2/3rds vote of both chambers andat least two months before the election would have occurred.”Therehas been numerous of instances where Georgia had Constitution was amended andwas proven to be quite beneficial for the state of Georgia. One of the most benefitingconstitutions was the 1877 version of the Georgia constitution. A politicalgroup proposed the constitution of 1877 by the name of “New South” During thistime the south was recovering from the civil war on more focused onreconstruction. The committee had several of debates on how to improve theconstitution by adjusting the judicial and legislative powers. It greatlyhelped with the restriction on debt, providing blacks with educationopportunities and increasing the power of the legislature.Anadditional Circumstance where the constitution was amended and was prosperouswas the constitution of 1976. To many, the changes in the constitution seemedvery subtle and not worthy of being revised.

The new constitution that wascreated format new and upcoming changes for future constitutions. This was alldone by George Busbee a man who made subtle changes that soon contributed intocreating an entirely new constitution to Georgia constitution states “GeorgeBusbee ran for governor, calling for an article-by-article revision. After hewas elected, he requested that the office of legislative counsel prepare a”new” constitution for submission to the voters in the 1976 election”(Hill). The previous changes made soon led to the Georgia constitution of 1983.Theconstitution of 1983 is deemed the latest yet strongest constitution befittingfor the state of Georgia. The constitution was thoroughly backed by the threepowers of government and a solid way to teach people the content of the constitutionas well. One of the biggest changes stated by Georgia encyclopedia was that thearticle is that it banned amendments from correlating to a particular countryor city (hill).

Amendments relating to a particular are being often found inthe constitution of 1976. The constitution of 1983 was deemed the most superiorbecause it was cultivated with the new and old constitutions. The constitutionprovides the state of Georgia with quality education, fair voting and electionsand a fulfilling government it was crafted from all the mistakes andachievements of that past constitution to create the constitution that thepeople of Georgia have settled with for many years.


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