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Although we may expect the elderly to be in poor health or sickly, approximately three-fourth of people 65 and older rate their health as good, ere good or excellent.

2. Which Of the following is NOT a physical change in the brain associated with Alchemist’s? The Brain Enlarges. 3. A strong relationship exists between economic well-being and illness in that those individuals who can afford to maintain good health care in their later years remain in better health.True ALL & ALL 1 . One problem with conducting cross-research on aging and cognition is that this method does not take into consideration cohort effects, the influences attributable to growing up in a particular era. 2. Based on the sequential study of aging and cognition conducted by Chase (1 994), there is no uniform tatter in adulthood of age-related change across all intellectual abilities.

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True 3. Not all develop mentalists believe in the “use it or lose it” hypothesis.For example, Shallots suggests that the rate of true, underlying cognitive decline in late adulthood is unaffected by mental exercise, and the lack of decline is a function of a larger cognitive reserve. True. ALL 1 . When it comes to autobiographical memories older individuals, like younger individuals, follow the Apollonian principle, in that they are more likely to remember pleasant memories.

2. Explanations for changes in Emory tend to focus on three main categories: environmental factors, biological factors, and information processing deficits. . Despite concerns about memory and intellectual capabilities, older adults have no trouble maintaining their standing in rigorous college classes. True ALL & Al O 1 . According to Erikson, individuals in late adulthood engage in looking back over their lives, evaluating their experiences and coming to terms with decisions. This is also known as generatively-versus-stagnation. 2.

According to Peck, the first major developmental task is to decide on your identity even though you are no longer employed.This is also known as redefinition of self- versus preoccupation with work role. 3. According to Elevation, as individuals enter late adulthood one of the hardest struggles they experience is the acceptance that they are Old. True. 1_011 & LOLL 1 . Older adults living in communities that offer an environment in which all the residents are of retirement age or older and need various levels of care reside in a continuing care home.

2. After age 65, women are twice as likely as men to be living in poverty.True 3. Which of the following is NOT cited your text as reason older adults decide to retire? Spouse have retired.

1_013 & 014 1 . Individuals still married in later life report being significantly less satisfied with their marriages than they were in earlier years. False 2. The first stage of adjustment to the death of a spouse is preparation.

3. Which of the following characteristics is associated with elder abuse? Being a victim of Alchemist’s Chapter 10 Death and Dying LOL 1 .Once an individual no longer has a heartbeat or breathing, he or she said to have experienced a functional death 2. It is impossible to restore functioning or resuscitate a person after brain death occurs. True. 102 1. In spite Of its economic wealth, the United States has s relatively high infant mortality rate.

True. 2. Parents extreme reaction to their child’s death is partly based on the sense that the natural order of the world in which children “should” outlive their parents has now been violated. True. LOB 1.

Ethnologists are people who study death and dying. . Emergency counseling provided within schools to help students deal with sudden events such as the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is known as Crisis intervention education. ALL 1 . Kibble-Ross initially suggested that individuals pa as through basic steps or takes as they approach death. The first stage is denial. ALL 1. In the medical community, DEN stands for do not resuscitate.

2. Some people designate a specific person called a health care proxy to act as their repetitive for health care decisions.ALL 1 . Some People designate a specific person called a health care proxy to act as their repetitive for health care decisions. 2. The focus in hospice care is on extending the last stage of life as long as possible. False.

ALL 1. Funeral rituals in modern times follow a universal pattern across cultures and societies. True. 2. Modern American funerals are grandiose and expensive largely because the survivors are motivated to provide the best for their loved ones.

LOB 1 .

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