Life was in my grandparents’ youth for

Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were childrenThe speedy improvement of education, economy and social progress are great significance changes of living standard and life style also.

There are huge differences between My Grandparents’ who are over 80 years old childhood Life and now . Life today is consistently changing much more comfortable and easier than it was in my grandparents’ youth for some reasons.One of the obvious changes of earlier generation is they spend their free time to get involved in social activities, such as parties, travelling, sporting events, talking to friends and going to a park. Nowadays spends a lot of time watching TV, chatting with their friends on their mobile phones , online chatting and in front of using computer which play an important role in the daily life .In college teachers can upload course and assignment then students can download the resources and hand in homework while E-mail. The material life has a noticeable improvement and convenient format is differ from the past.

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If I consider my grandparents age at the time of children then I have to go back about 80 to 70 years back. At that time there was no such huge facilities were available by the government. Everybody has to work hardly to make their life comfortable such as they didn’t have washing machines, refrigerators ,microwaves, toaster ovens, blenders, mixers ,vacuum cleaners and so on .So they had to cook ,wash with their hands and clean .At the present time we can easily buy these kitchen tools which to quickly prepare the foods any time .

In today’s life is so easy to do these all work. For example Suppose I have to pay electricity bill, telephone bill , purchase air tick, fund transfer to others, online shopping and so on which possible to pay all these things with in a minute. These all facilities is not possible to get before 80 to 70 years back . They must go respective office to pay bills and buying the things within one day was very difficult because for each bill you had to go different places and online service may them easier for us now.Lastly, today’s hospital facilities are so modify and improve .There are so many hospital , doctors and health care assistant which can provide in our home service and just need to dial a phone call emergency help .

Nowadays transportation facilities are available everywhere in more frequency. You have more chance transportation option like take bus , taxi, car, train, airways etc. All these make our life better and easy to travel and safely If we compare these all facilities with previous 80 years back then now we much better than previous .In conclusion, I am of the opinion that my grandparents enjoy a much more relaxed , comfortable and easy life than their childhood life before.

Hope they get these all facilities to make their life more easy and comfortable which is absolutely different from ever before time .3-Some people believe that getting a degree from university is the best way to guarantee to get a good job. Others believe that it would be better to go straight to work and get experience instead. Which point of view do you agree with?Many people believe that getting a university degree is the only way to get a good job. others consider work experience matters more. In my opinion, both the above-mentioned arguments are true to a certain extent.A university degree improves an individual’s knowledge, enhances intellectual thinking, makes an individual more mature and ready to face the challenges of the workplace. When I was at university, most of our assignments involved critical thinking and research; this has expanded my knowledge in my field.

Most employers especially those in sectors like finance, Lawyer, doctor and health insist that all applicants should have a degree. A student who starts working immediately after leaving school will not be able to obtain a professional degree and hence cannot find employment in these sectors.A job will give the individual valuable work experience; however it is limited to certain occupations such as those in arts and crafts, fashion designing and cooking where creativity and skills matter more. This experience helped her polish her cooking skills.It is evident that having a university degree is the best way to find a satisfactory job. In the university, people are supposed to work hard on their specific areas for their degree. Therefore, they are likely to have a better understanding of the knowledge in their area than those who do not receive any university education. These academic skills will become a firm basis for their working skills.

Furthermore, getting a university degree is usually regarded as a symbol of intelligence and diligence. For employers, a certificated university degree is a convincing proof of the competence of the employee. As a result, many top-level corporations prefer to provide more job opportunities for people with a university background rather than the othersacademic skills will become a firm basis for their working skills. Furthermore, getting a university degree is usually regarded as a symbol of intelligence and diligence.

For employers, a certificated university degree is a convincing proof of the competence of the employee. As a result, many top-level corporations prefer to provide more job opportunities for people with a university background rather than the othersHence, attending tertiary education and having job experiences are both critical for the brightest career. By the university, we could learn some soft-skills – leadership, management organization, and so on – that will be useful in the workplace.

The job experiences help us to expand our knowledges theoretically as well as practically from the campus.analyse and manage your time. A degree will also show employers you can soak up information and learn quickly. . It’s good practice for networking, too.In fact, while I was there, two school-leavers were asked to leave due to poor performance. With no degree, and presumably not much experience either, this can be an extremely difficult position to find yourself in and getting another job isn’t easy.

Majority of people believe that attending tertiary education could give benefit to their career further. While, others thought some experiences during job is the most valuable. I personally believe, whether sceptics and advocates, that have significant impact upon people’s career.To conclude, both university education and work experience have a role in guaranteeing a good job. Some occupations require a university degree while others do not. In my opinion, everyone should choose what is right for them.In conclusion, such skepticism is always occurring as juvenile’s trend after graduating from senior high school or collages because of worried about their future. The authorities – government, university, and company – should take responsibility to build a policy more comprehensively.

1-Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answerMost people who were born in villages but would like to stay at cities.

Noticeably, there are huge differences between village routine and city routine. It’s not easy to say which one is more better. Village is beautiful scenes of nature, fresh air, hospitable people, and quiet life , no automobile exhaust, drainage ditches, smelly wast and no need to wear a breathing mask to go out in city life, can take fresh air every day and natural way of life in full resting by living in villages. There is almost nothing artificial and can use everything that nature can give you. People who have never been to villages couldn’t get the real beauty of village lifestyle and frankly relationship of each other .Nowadays villages also can get good education resources , medical care , hospital and commodity options are bit by bit being available in villages.

But the City is always noisy which is from traffic noises , industrial noises, construction building noises, and noises from your neighbors, need to wear a breathing mask to go out in city life. However, in villages, you never need to worry about these noises. You could get deep sleep at night and enjoy a quiet stroll at daytime.All food needs to be purchased from supermarket or local malls if you live in a city. To eat fresh vegetables, you have to get up early and rush into the market. However, the situation is totally different if you live in villages.

You could grow various kinds of vegetables by yourself. You control the fertilizing and pesticide to make sure the vegetables are green and clean.Undoubtedly, living costs in villages are much lower. The price of commodities is lower in villages than that of city lifestyle. That means to purchase the same quantity of a commodity, you spend less money in village lifestyle. Also, since there are less consumer options, you could make a big saving to keep your money stayed.With the industrial pollution, what you can see in city nights are only sparking lights from various houses, traffic lights, vehicle lights and street lamps, but not stars and moon on the sky.

However, in village area, you could embrace a clean and beautiful night sky with thousands of stars twinkling. In a moonlit night, you could see far away from your house roof and everything is so clear and clean in your eyes.If you have a car, you will know how difficult it is to find a paid parking spot in crowded cities, not even to say a free parking spot! However, if you used to live in villages, you will know how easy it is to find a free and easy parking space. There’s no traffic police who writes a ticket and then mails it to you in villages for a roadside parking. There’s no traffic light and no traffic jam.The huge pressure of city life makes a lot of people corrupted. There are lots of crimes in the city. Many thefts and murders often take place in the city.

Meanwhile, there are much more vehicles in city, which results in frequent traffic accidents. While in villages, few traffic accidents happen. Another element that brings danger to you is epidemic disease, most of which extend from one city to another city.

People living in cities are more vulnerable to many diseases because of the sedentary lifestyle and fast food intake. These things become less possible in villages.and enjoy the pleasures of meaningful time among the magnificent rural landscapes. There may come a time when you just want to escape from everyday stresses and complexities of city life. At village you can feel the time and make your life move slower.


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