Life the study of Biology, but learning

Life is amazingly beautiful, and
understanding and studying its inner workings create a deeper
appreciation for this. There are so many interesting things that one can
learn from the study of Biology, but learning about biology at the
molecular level has recently peaked my interest.
I’ve always found it amusing how when learning about various bodily
systems such as respiration or digestion, these exact things are
happening within us at real time, and even more interesting at the same
time mind boggling is how most of our functions are dictated by the
simplest of molecules, and even crazier how the smallest changes in lets
say a DNA sequence or in the shape of a protein can make the biggest
changes in our bodies. It’s difficult to imagine that a strong
multicellular human being can be vulnerable just because a small change
in the DNA base pairing had occurred which can be very fatal in some
cases, but that’s what’s so amazing and intriguing about the molecular
workings in our body. I also enjoy learning about genetics and evolution
which also has a lot to do with Molecular biology.
Learning about these things per se might not be easy to appreciate at
first, because people don’t usually believe what they don’t see, however
one eventually realizes that understanding things at the lowest of
levels will guide us in understanding things at higher levels. I’ve seen
how Molecular Biology has made a great impact in our society,
especially in the medical side of it, and this is what really hooked me:
the study of Molecular biology could possibly save lives. Many
obstacles and challenges have risen against varying organisms, but it’s
easy to dismiss the fact that the challenge could be found deep within
our systems. Knowing this, we might prevent or end any challenges we are
faced with. So, I’m not just interested in gaining new knowledge,
although it’s an amazing feeling to connect the dots of the molecular
systems in our body, but I am also very much interested in the
applications and benefits of learning about these molecular systems.

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Having a very prestigious name, SMTB has raised my
expectations namely to have many hands-on laboratory activities, to have
fruitful interactions with experienced researchers, and to have
opportunities to socialize with people of varying ages and with the same
interest in molecular biology as I do. I’ve mostly had experience
working with laboratory protocols such as PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, and
others and I enjoy getting bands after the long process of PCR, so I’m
looking forward to working in the lab with these procedures. However,
I’m hoping that I could learn more about bioinformatics and the computer
science and engineering side of Molecular Biology, which at the moment
don’t seem to be given much attention.

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